Want More Distance Off the Tee?

Discover the Rx for a Longer Drive

How Many Yards Could You Add to Your Drive By Fixing Your Personal Muscle Imbalances?

Are you spending time on the range trying to fix swing faults without addressing the underlying muscle imbalance causing them?

It's not uncommon to lose 30 yards or more off the tee due to a combination of tight muscles and a weak core.

By increasing flexibility, mobility, strength and stability golfers are now unlocking the distance and consistency they’ve been looking for.

Time and money spent on lessons from a great teacher can be invaluable but without fixing your body's imbalances you’ll never be able to physically achieve the swing changes required for consistent distance and accuracy.

Have you been told you swing “over the top”? Let me show you how to improve flexibility and hip mobility to unlock the proper kinematic sequence and dramatically increase distance and accuracy.

Struggle with a slice? No amount of practice is going to fix it until we improve your ability to separate your upper from your lower body and strengthen and stabilize your core. This will allow you to lead with your lower body and eliminate that distance-destroying slice.

I’m Ben the Distance Doctor -- Anesthesiologist, Assistant Professor, Husband, Father, Certified Precision Nutrition and Primal Nutrition Coach and TPI Certified Golf Instructor.

If you’re struggling with your golf game and how your body looks and feels then you’re in the right place!

I created Golf Body Rx for passionate golfers looking to improve their game by improving their body.

To longer drives and better health...

I’m rooting for you!

Benjamin Arnold M.D.
Director of Performance
Golf Body Rx LLC

(TPI Certified Professional Level One)
(TPI Certified Medical 2)


Want More Distance Off the Tee?

Discover the Rx for a Longer Drive

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