For golfers who want to play better golf, swing more freely without pain, and have a whole lot more fun playing golf for many years to come BUT are currently being held back by aches & pains or injuries in their back, hips, shoulders, and other areas…

“Here’s What Some Golfers Are Now Calling the Fastest, Easiest, & Most Effective Way to Reduce or Even Eliminate Your Back, Hip, and Shoulder Pain at Home...

...while ALSO combining the 5 pillars of golf fitness to get maximum performance from your body on & off the course without having to risk additional pain or injury.”

We all want to hit solid shots with pinpoint accuracy.  

Straight-as-an-arrow beautiful drives that land EXACTLY where you want them to land, almost on command.

And do it every single time with just robotic consistency.

But what do we do instead?

More often than not, we’re inconsistent.

One time we may hit it long & straight…

Next thing we pop it up off the tee and it doesn’t even go past our shadow.

Or other times we find ourselves walking the course in a zig-zag pattern because we’re hitting everything left… right… left… right.

It can really be MADDENING!

Except, every now and then…

When we do hit a solid CRISP shot, that sends the ball flying through the air (in the right direction)…

The ones where you don’t overthink it and your swing feels almost effortless…

The ones where you can just see the amazed facial expressions on your buddies faces that say… “what… a… beautiful… shot!”

It reminds you of how FUN golf is, why you’re passionate about it, and how you want to keep playing it for as long as you are able, even if it means you have to get dragged off the course at 90+ years old.

The only problem?

You have a hard time repeating those shots when you need them.

You’re not in the best golf shape of your life either, so everything is stiff & tight…

And most things HURT!

Golf is life!

So we are compelled to continue chasing after the perfect swing, extra distance, and that sweet sensation of having just hit a long, straight, & beautiful shot no matter how much our body is screaming at us to stop doing what we’re doing.

This usually ends in muscle sorenessaches pains, or even a backshoulder, or hip injury that can get so bad it can seriously threaten your ability to continue playing & enjoying the game you love.

So what do most golfers do in this case?

They turn to quick fixes like…

Modifying or purposefully shortening their swing to relieve some of the pressure their normal swing puts on their body.

Playing from the… gasp …forward tees. (Hey, there’s no shame in that!)

And maybe doing a few stretches before and after their round, although if we’re honest that stretching session ends up getting less than a lick & a promise because either you don’t know what you’re doing or you’re just ready to get the round started… or are having way too much “fun” at hole 19, if you know what I’m saying. Cheers!

Now, while these “quick” fixes may give you some immediate EXTERNAL results like…

Lower scores, finding more fairways and greens in regulation, and perhaps even getting a bit of extra distance…

These popular fixes are doing nothing to stop what is happening INTERNALLY that could end up forcing you to quit the game altogether.

Every year you don’t do anything about it, your body loses muscle mass, strength, and flexibility which leads to stiffnesstightness, and pain…

Which inevitably leads to a noticeable drop in distance & accuracy.

Which then results in more inconsistent rounds, higher scores, and a game that just isn’t as fun as it once was.

The stiffness, tightness, and pain you are feeling in your back, hips, and shoulders (and other places) is a 
warning sign that things are just getting worse and will continue to do so if you don’t do anything about it.

What’s the solution?

“Just get back in the gym…lift some weight…get some strength back…and do some stretching, right?”

Yes, for some golfers it can be that simple.

But for most, it’s not that simple.


Phase #1 - Reduce or Eliminate The Stiffness, Tightness, & Pain, FIRST.

Even though you may want to do all the things the golf training aids and golf swing training products promise they will help you do…


Increase your distance instantly.

Or hit beautiful draws on command.

Or break 100, 90, 80, or whatever your next external performance goal is…

You won’t make much progress if you are constantly stiff, tight, or in pain.

Once you’re able to eliminate the stiffness, tightness, and pain, and you’re able to move more freely…

THEN and only then does it become easier to achieve your desired external performance results, but not before!

Next, you not only want to eliminate the pain but also play the BEST golf of your life for many years to come, so you’ll want to…

Because your back, hips, and shoulders hurt!  Perhaps even to the point that you may be losing some sleep over it and it’s affecting your ability to move like you want to.

If that describes your situation, then the solution is to tackle the problem in TWO phases…

Phase #2 Upgrade your body with the 5 pillars of golf fitness.

Most golfers just focus on 1 or 2 of these pillars (if any) and they miss out on the benefits that focusing on all 5 of these pillars would bring to not only their golf performance, but also to their everyday life & activities.

Here are the 5 pillars of golf fitness all golfers (especially those over 60) should combine to get maximum results from their bodies without risking pain or injury…

Pillar #1 - Functional Flexibility

Flexibility is the key that allows us to actually use the strength we already have. It’s also what allows us to regain some of the strength we’ve lost over time.

And in the game of golf, flexibility is one of if not the most important physical asset we can develop.

Here’s why…

In order to hit a golf ball properly, sufficient strength to lift the golf club around your shoulders is definitely required -- however once that threshold is reached, it’s flexibility that takes over from there. 

Your flexibility determines such things as the ability to turn your shoulders against the turn of your hips.

It determines how well you can hold your posture position during impact.

It also determines how good your balance is throughout the swing.

The biggest role of flexibility in the golf swing is to prevent injury. Most injuries in golf can be traced to…

Lack of flexibility.

Common areas are the back, hamstrings, shoulders, and neck.

When these areas of the body are stiff or have poor range of motion, and a golfer tries to swing a club at full-force, the muscles and tendons tighten causing painful injury.

So being flexible in these areas can help a golfer to reduce injury, increase balance, swing faster, and hit the ball farther.

So how does one become more flexible?

That’s a great question!

Most people would normally default to…

“Well, you have to stretch of course!”

And they would be right… for the most part.

Here’s something you should know before starting any flexibility routine…

Golf requires a high level of functional flexibility (the ability to move through all planes of motion or direction while maintaining muscular control) ...not just static flexibility.

For functional flexibility, you’ll want to focus on dynamic stretches and not just static-stretches.

Static stretches are great for serious muscle tightness, but they don’t help you develop functional flexibility.

Mobility is crucial because it is based on movement & motor control.  

Did you know that your central nervous system will actually limit your mobility based on how much control you have as a way to keep it safe?  This means if you are experiencing mobility restriction, you are actually protecting yourself… from yourself!

So what can be done?

If you’ve ever heard the phrase
“Motion is Lotion”… it’s true!

Consistent movement, over time, will lubricate the joints allowing you to achieve better ranges of motion.

Plus, once you’re improved your mobility, you’ll be able to create a longer backswing (if you wanted to) and also helps to rotate your hips better which results in more speed (and eventually more distance!)

What next?

Now, while flexibility helps your muscle groups move through a range of motion, mobility is the ability of a joint to move actively through a range of motion.

In simple terms, it’s not enough to just be able to stretch & move your muscles, your joints also have to be able to move!

If you are trying to stretch a muscle over a joint that has mobility restriction you are going to get nowhere fast.

The muscle will never be able to lengthen to its full extent as the joint won’t allow it to move far enough.

Pillar #2 - Improved Mobility

Pillar #3 - Strong Core

Firstly, the core matters because it drives the downswing.

During the transition from the top, the lower body moves first as the pelvis rotates.

The core stabilizes this move, allowing the torso, shoulders and arms to follow, adding energy with every stage in the sequence.

Secondly, the core doesn’t just add power to your downswing. It also adds consistency.

If you can control your swing so that it rotates around the axis of your spine, you will deliver the club head more consistently on target with pure contact.

Sliding and swaying on the back swing are both signs of a weak core, and both tend to cause inconsistent shots with very little power. A strong core allows you to stay in posture throughout the swing.

When you add consistent ball striking to powerful rotation, what is the end result? That’s right – distance.

What exactly should you be doing to develop your core muscles to improve your golf game? Three things: diet, conditioning and technique.

What I want to focus on here is 

Many golfers think that well-defined abs are all the evidence they need of a strong core. When they start to experience back pain or come out of shots, this can be pretty confusing. If their abs are strong, why can’t they deal with the forces created during their swing?

Proper core conditioning doesn’t focus just on the abs. These core muscles may look good, but don’t tell the whole story. You need a holistic core workout plan that works equally important muscles like your obliques and the erector spinae (among others). That way, your core can be turned into an effective shock absorber to protect your back and handle a faster swing speed.


Pillar #4 - Solid Stability

Stability is a pillar that is often overlooked by most golfers but is one you cannot afford to ignore.


Stability of the upper body allows the shoulders, arms, wrists and hands to manipulate and move the club during the swing motion.

Stability of the lower body includes having control of the hip, knee, and ankle joints. During the backswing you must maintain a stable base to allow the proper coiling of the spine and upper body. A golfer who has difficulty maintaining a stable base will often over rotate the lower body or try to brace or lock their right knee.

Stability in your trunk and torso can help to protect your spine and keep your back healthy!

Basically, you want to make sure your workouts include exercises that help develop solid stability.

And finally…

Pillar #5 - Dialed-In Nutrition

Golfers who are experiencing low energy, lack of motivation, and lack of focus are usually not providing their body with the right “food signals” it needs as building blocks for a body full of energy & vigor…

And more often than not, it’s also due to providing DAMAGING foods that crumble those building blocks.

Your body is like the biggest, busiest movie set you can imagine, and YOU are the director and producer…
And food is sort of like the “script” of the movie.
It tells the “actors” in our bodies how to perform.

When we eat, we’re delivering “signals” or messages to our bodies to do certain functions…

Do this.
Don’t do this.

Release this hormone.

Don’t release that one.

Express this protein.

Don’t express that one.

We’re essentially sending instructions that kick off a chemical chain letter.

It’s really quite amazing.

Each molecule of food contributes to a beautiful cascade of events, sending all kinds of signals throughout our bodies.
Make hormones! Trigger immune cells! Switch genes on and off! Tell the work crew to clean up and the builders to get on standby!

The problem is…

Due to a lack of knowledge, most people tend to be lackluster directors & producers and give their body the wrong “food signals” at the wrong times.

This can lead to or worsen obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, joint pain, and several other issues.

If you’re in your 60’s, 70s, and even 80s…

There is still time to turn that storyline around and turn a weak body that is going down-hill into a flexible, mobile, strong, & stable body that is CAPABLE of doing exactly what you tell it to do, both out on the golf course & in your everyday life!

Does that sound like something you want in your life?

Hi, I’m Benjamin Arnold, M.D., a TPI Certified Professional, certified in both Level One and Medical 2 with papers published in multiple peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine, Neurosurgical Anesthesiology, & Journal of Clinical Neuroscience…

...and if you’ve made it this far it tells me a couple things about you…


You want to reduce or even eliminate your stiffness, tightness, and pain in the fastest, easiest, and most effective way possible!

You have a desire to (or at least some interest in) upgrading your body so that you can play golf to the best of your ability and continue to enjoy it for many years to come.



If that’s what you want, then you’re going to love the…

28 Day Golf Body Tune-Up Bundle

It’s what some golfers are now calling the fastest, easiest, & most effective way to reduce or even eliminate your back, hips, and shoulder pain at home (phase 1) while ALSO combining the 5 pillars of golf fitness to get maximum performance from your body on & off the course without having to risk additional pain or injury.

Here’s what you get when you take a 
risk-free trial of the 28 Day Golf Body Tune-Up bundle…

Program #1 - A 28 Day Golf-Specific Body-Friendly Exercise & Dynamic Stretching Routine That You Can Do At Home. No Gym. No Equipment. No Weight Lifting Required.

These golf-specific exercises, dynamic stretches, and drills will help you…

Reduce or even eliminate pain in your back, hips, & shoulders so that you can play more often and not be bed ridden for a few days due to soreness & pain in your muscles after each round of golf.


Pillar #1 - Increase Functional Flexibility so that you’ll have the ability to move through all planes of motion or direction while maintaining muscular control.

Pillar #2 - Improve Your Mobility so that your joints can move freely allowing for a longer backswing (if you want one) and also helps to rotate your hips better which results in more speed and more distance!

Pillar #3 - Strengthen your core for more turn on your backswing. Your stronger core will also work like an effective shock absorber to protect your back and handle a faster swing speed.

Pillar #4 - Increase your stability & balance so that you can play on courses with lots of elevation changes without impairing your score due to not being able to stay upright on the side hills. If you can barely stand when faced with side or up/downhill shots let alone hit a quality shot from that position, this program is for you. Additionally, your new stability will give you more control over your body, protect your spine, and keep your back healthy! 

Plus, it will also…

Minimize your risk of injury by making sure the areas most prone to injury (the back, hamstrings, shoulders, and neck) are flexible and have the range of motion required to swing the club at full force.

And it will keep you playing golf for many years to come (even if you’re in your 60s, 70s, and 80s)…

You can do all of these body-friendly exercises, dynamic stretches, and drills in just minutes a day in the comfort of your home, in your backyard, or even in a hotel room while traveling.

There’s no gym, no equipment, and no weight-lifting required.

Bottomline, your golf game (and how you feel) will improve dramatically if and when you establish a daily routine that combines all 5 pillars of golf fitness to maximize your body’s performance.

But wait, what about Pillar #5?

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget it.  It’s so important that I created an additional program just for that…

Program #2 - 28 Day Flat Belly Golfer Challenge with specific daily action steps to ease your way to living a healthier lifestyle.

You’ll discover…

The right “food signals” to send to your body… so you can have a “hit” on the golf course instead of a “flop” due to health issues.

Plus which foods to eat so that you can...

Increase your energy & vitality… to not only be able to continue to pursue your golf passion… but also more than enough energy to make it through your regular everyday activities… or nightly activities ;-).

Boost your strength & stamina… so that you’re not out of breath after the first few holes, and are able to keep up with everyone for the full 18 holes (or more).

Improve your motivation & focus… so that you’ll remain consistent with your daily workouts instead of falling into the cycle of laziness and therefore speeding up the timeframe where you’ll be forced to quit playing golf.

Shed some unwanted pounds and keep them off… while STILL eating foods that you enjoy.

And which foods to avoid that sap your energy and go directly to your waistline.

The goal with program #2 is to focus on the ROOT CAUSES behind a lot of our common health issues today.

If you’ve got diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other health issues…

And you’d like to take back control of your health so you can have more energy, motivation, and focus, so you can out-think, out-play, and out-last your competition…

Then this program is for you.

You’ll experience huge benefits for your mind, your body, and your game!

“But Dr. Arnold, Does This Actually Work?”

“Your program is really helping with back problems I have suffered with for years. The improvements in my golf game are great but the pain relief in my back, shoulders, and hips are fantastic.

- Mark Milligan

Don’t take my word for it...

Here’s what some of our Golf Body Rx customers have said about their experience…

The 28 day program has helped my back tremendously. Haven’t tested the results yet on the golf course but I feel much better. (Up to today)”

- Eugene Mew

“I hate to admit it… but it worked out great for me last year. Zero back pain all golf season. Now I adapted my own routine with your exercises & do it almost every day. Wish you all the success in the world.”

- Jacques Michel

“Awesome program! 4 days in and my back feels the best it has been in 3 years!

- Mark Lester

“Not even halfway through it when I started to feel a heck of a lot better and my hips are feeling 100% since then!”

“I had been golfing a lot and kind of changed my swing with the pro that I work with.  I was working on something and somehow I injured my hip real bad. I mean I couldn’t sleep at night, it was that bad.

Your ad popped up on my feed talking about hip injuries or something like that.

And that’s how I found this program.

I worked my way through the advertisement but I didn’t do anything.

Then a couple days later after thinking about it, in fact, I couldn’t even sleep at night because I was in such pain, the ad came up again so I jumped on it.

I went through the program real slowly.

And it was like not even halfway through it when I started to feel a heck of a lot better and my hips are feeling 100% since then!

I’m getting old, I’m 60 years old but I’m in pretty good decent shape.  190 lbs and 6ft tall but just not doing a lot of exercising anymore.

Started doing that routine and it definitely helped with my hip.

I was worried because I have friends my age getting hip replacements and I thought, let me just try this stretching.

I was so religious about doing this every morning that my wife (she doesn’t golf) started doing some of the stuff with me and it’s now part of our morning routine!” 
– Ed LoCricchio (Age 60)

“Seems to be helping me. I’m 68 and feel less pain after 18 holes and hitting better. Worth the pain-free swing.

- Tom Trunzo

“It added 20 yards to my drives! … I’m 67 years old and feel more flexible than I have in years!”

- Chip Small

"Eric Orman said his golf buddies are noticing that his drives are going farther and he thinks he’s gained 28-30 yards in just the first 15 days."

- Eric Orman

"Jim Higginbottom said he gave it a shot because he wasn’t getting much turn on his backswing. He had lost flexibility, but after only 2 days of doing one of the exercises he said he noticed he was getting more turn and after only 10 days he was playing better."

- Jim Higginbottom

“I purchased and just completed the first 28 days and definitely noticed my improvement in distance & consistency. My core feels much stronger and the exercises are very appropriate for the golf swing and flexibility.”

- Mario Torres

“Buy the program.  I paid twice that last year and gained 20 yards on the buddies. They keep saying it’s my equipment. Unfortunately for them I have the same equipment as they have.”

- Paul Zintel

“Yesterday, My Golf Buddies Were Shaking Their Heads In Disbelief”

“I finished Day 19 of the Tune-Up today.

This is an excellent program.

I played golf in high school and college in the mid to late 1970s. Over the years since then I have played maybe once or twice a year.

In 2018 we bought a house on a golf course so I decided to start playing more. I was doing okay but wasn't getting the distance I wanted and I was hurting when I got home.

I knew I could work on slowing down my swing but I'm only 59 years old and didn't want to go that route yet. I also didn't want to go to the short swing that older players often use.

Your program is helping my game by loosening me up. I can now reach back farther in my backswing, thus getting more distance.

Just within the past week, I've been hitting 250+ yard drives in the air. I'm reaching par fives in two and hitting the greens on shorter par fours from the tee box. I still need to work on my accuracy and I need to get used to my irons carrying farther as I am having trouble with flying greens with clubs that I used to use. I'm easily a club better now, using, for example, an 8 when I used to use a 7.

Thanks for putting this together, Ben. As you said would happen, yesterday my golf buddies were shaking their heads in disbelief.” 
- Mike G.

"Did day one yesterday morning then played in the afternoon.  Much better flexibility. Struck the ball much more solid. Shot 10 better than my previous round.

- Jim Hart

“I Could Use My Hips Now Like I Never Could Before…”

“I’m 63 now.

I worked construction all my life and up until last year, due to numerous sprains and carrying tool bags, bone on bone, early arthritis etc, my ankle used to be just frozen straight forward.

I played golf for a long time and I just kind of got used to it.

Then one day at a tournament, the guy I was playing with started talking about Ben Hogan, and he starts showing me a couple things and I started using my hips more.

I noticed my ankle hurt a little bit less and that’s when I found your program.

And I’ve been doing it ever since and my ankle totally works now.

It still hurts a little bit, but I’m not taking Advil anymore and this is for the first time in 10 years!

And it’s all the mobility stuff.

I mean, I kind of semi-retired about 9 years ago and I worked with a trainer and I got all buff and muscles and stuff like that.

But the trainer being a younger guy, he never talked about mobility.

I never really got it until I read this page one time and thought, this makes sense.

I’m going to try this.

Everything works so much better now.

What was kind of cool about the 28 day program was that at first there were things that I couldn’t do, and by the end of that 28 days, I could do 12 of.

You know, like those crazy planks where you reach around and go under and stuff.

I couldn’t.

I could maybe do one when I started because it was just a whole different action and I was just all stiff.

And in 28 days I saw a big difference.

I still go to the gym almost every day, but two days a week are strictly mobility.

I know it works and I know I have to do it.

You know, it’s just one of those things that I put in my program.

I still work part time, but I’m really big on keeping myself in shape.

Why would I not do something that works?

I could use my hips now like I never could before.

At first, my hip flexors hurt like crazy from playing golf.

But it was doing the stretches that got to where that doesn’t hurt anymore.

I just wanted to let you know my story and how much you’ve helped me.

I’ve recommended you to a lot of people.”
 - Tom Rhoads (Age 63)

“As a fellow doctor and colleague of Ben, I watched him transform before my eyes. You could say I was both curious and suspicious. Curious, because I wasn’t as healthy as I wanted to be and suspicious because well… let’s just say I’ve seen enough fad diets and workouts to fill a library!

One day I pulled Ben aside and asked some pointed questions. Don’t let his gentle demeanor and quiet voice fool you -- he’s rock solid in his convictions about diet and human physiology.

But of course, they’re not “his” convictions… everything he’s ever recommended to me was born out of deep research.

So I took the plunge. I started with his diet and training tips. And you know what happened?

I lost 30 lbs!

I also doubled my energy (at least!), grew to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and stopped snoring completely.

What’s been the most surprising thing is how easy it is to manage this lifestyle. See, if you would’ve told me three years ago about all the changes I’d make, I’d have thought you were nuts! But I’ve been living the “Benjamin Arnold” way ever since and it truly feels like the good life.”

Doctor Juan P. Cata’s Story from Houston, TX

- Juan P. Cata MD -- Houston, TX

“First of all I’m 62 years old, with both hips replaced (2002 and 2008) coming off a spinal stenosis surgery last Halloween. I spent 6 weeks standing, walking and laying down. Then 12 weeks getting my strength and flexibility back. I felt great but I couldn’t hit the ball. One evening I was playing 9 at my club. A guy walked up and asked if he could join me. It turns out he is a physical therapist and he is also a TPI certified therapist. With his introduction I started looking online and found your program. It took a few weeks to get my game back in order. I played and walked 18 with a push cart in an event this weekend and shot 87/84. I am not back to single digit handicap yet, but I am getting through my swing with more speed and hitting the ball much more flush. Improving!”

- Ned E. (Age 62)

“I am 62 and this program has changed everything for me much more flexible and my core strength is through the roof whoo hoo! … I forgot to mention I lost 20 lbs in 60 days and I am crushing the ball again.”

- Frank Viramontes (Age 62)

“Lost 10 pounds and increased flexibility. Looking forward to hitting the driving range soon. Been swinging the club in the yard. Feels good so far.”

David D’s Story

Ok, so when will I start seeing results?

Everyone is different and individual results will vary so I can’t give everyone a default answer.

However, what I can say is that you’ll at least feel a difference within the first 7 days, most start seeing results within the first 14 days, and by day 28 you’ll feel amazing.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about WHEN they started seeing & feeling results…

“After doing day 1 (I did this after a 5 mile walk) I bartended a charity event and was on my feet for 5 hours.  I normally couldn’t make 2 without my back ceasing up. Day 1 paid dividends!  Day 2 a piece of cake!”

- Ken Collins

I’m on day 9 and have already noticed a difference particularly in the length of my backswing. I’ve also discovered parts of my body that I didn’t know existed and I’m 63! Great stuff.”

- Chris Hood

I got it today, did first workout, good stretch and feels good.”

- Floyd Gilreath

“I’m on day 24 of their 28 day stretching program. I began to see progress after about five sessions. My flexibility has significantly improved and my distance off the tee has increased. At 70 years old, increasing my flexibility and strengthening my core were goals with this program. So far, very happy with the results.”

- Daniel Howle

“Day 4 stretches were good repetition of earlier routines. Golfed yesterday in Thursday men’s league and regularly outdrove the previously ‘longest driver’ in our group by 10-15 yards.  Only missed one fairway all day. This stuff works! BTW, shot season low 76 that could have been lower had a few more makeable birdie putts fallen. 68 years old and still trying to improve.”

- Michael Lussier

Will This Work For Women?

Yes!  This workout was designed to work for both men & women.

In fact, we’ve even had a few retired LPGA players go through the program.

One of which won twice on the LPGA Tour in 1989 and 1994!

Here is an email she sent us in 2020 right before purchasing the 28 Day Golf Body Tune-Up bundle…

Here’s what other women golfers had to say…

If you’re a female golfer and enjoy the program let us know about it and we will be more than happy to showcase your results on this page!

“Well, I did some a bit better than I expected, but a long way to go. I actually used a balance ball and a bosu ball to help with a couple of the stretches, like the lunge. This is going to be a really good addition to my fitness program!”

- Carole Ostling

“I’ve been sidelined with a hip injury (from running) but the good news is that I have been able to work around the injury a bit and a couple of the stretches/exercises from the past couple of days have helped. More good news is that I’ve lost 5 pounds since I started this program on March 1st so the dietary changes have definitely helped!”

- Katie Bartosik

“FYI this routine works! I feel much more limber than I did and I’ve only been doing it for 10 days. Granted it’s about stretching, but it’s about stretching the correct muscles. I’ve played golf all my life and played professional for 16 years including a US Open. I would recommend this for anybody, golfer or non golfer. It’s a great workout. I workout 5 days a week, run and ride a bike but always felt stiff after workouts and especially in the morning. But this workout has made a big difference. I really feel much more flexible with all my muscles.”

-Scot Tyson

Also A Former Professional Golfer Who Played In The 1995 US Open Recommends This To Anyone…

How Much Is It?

You can find the 28 Day Golf Body Tune-Up Bundle on our main website for $198.

We considered doing a 50% off special and pricing this at $100.

However, because we want to make this a “no brainer” decision for you, for a limited time, we’re extending a 60% off special for first-time customers and inviting you to experience all of these amazing benefits for just one SINGLE payment of $79.

No recurring or hidden charges or fees.

This way, for approximately $2.82 per day, literally less than some places charge for a cup of coffee ($79 divided by 28 days), you can begin to…experience pain relief in your back, hips, and shoulders… Upgrade your body so you can play better golf while protecting it from additional risk & injury… and have a whole lot more fun on & off the course!

Use The Coupon Code: 2021

Any of these success stories should be YOUR story…

But could it really be your story?  Will it really work for you?

The only way to find out is to try it… risk-free!


“Started a few weeks.  Can already see results. My turn is much better and balanced. Great product… Best money ever spent!” 

- Craig Zando

The risk is all mine because you are protected by my quadruple “feel relief” or it’s free guarantee…

In the next 28 days, just follow the program, and you’ll see & feel relief in your back, hips, and shoulders. This is a no-brainer for me to guarantee.

Guarantee #1

Someone will take notice of your newfound performance on the course and make a comment about how much farther & straighter you are now able to hit your drives. You can share your secret if you’d like… it’s up to you. Just be prepared if your playing partners get a little “peanut butter and jealous” as you consistently crush your drives well past theirs!

Guarantee #2

You’ll feel the ball just launch off the club-face. It will rocket down the fairway like never before. The result of solid CRISP shots produced by an upgraded body. That’s the best feeling ever. Watch the look on your playing partner’s face.

Guarantee #3

If none of that happens or you’re not 100% thrilled with the results, we’ll refund you on the spot. Just use the contact link on our homepage or reply to the email we send you after you order. This way there is no risk on your end as I’m taking on all the risk for you.

Guarantee #4

But, it will never come to that…


Because after you try these body-friendly exercises, dynamic stretches, and drills, I think you’ll feel…

In the words of one of our customers… “Like you’ve just had a 90 minute massage!” 

I want you to:

Feel the amazing feeling of playing golf with little no pain in your back, hips, and shoulders.

Watch the improvements in your swing — the result of combining the 5 pillars of golf fitness into your daily routine.

Stop feeling sore after your rounds.

Feel energized and focused like never before so you can out-think, out-play, and out-last all of your competition.


Enjoy playing golf for many years to come.

I also want you to be free to:

Be in better shape for yourself, your family, and your grandkids…

So that you can enjoy ALL your outdoor activities such as golf, hunting, tennis, fishing, boating, gardening and any of your preferred indoor activities without pain and the frustration caused by weight you may have been carrying or pain you’ve been having that up to now hasn’t allowed you to do the things you’ve always done.

“I showed this link to my 66 year old husband just over a week ago. He is a keen golfer but has been having issues with hip mobility & general stiffness.  He purchased the program and has done the exercises religiously.  Last Saturday he came home with a big grin on his face. He had played his best game in over 2 years! I am a non-golfer, but he just wanted to let you know he won’t be after any refund! Thank you."

- Mary-Lou Henry

Your first step is to click the “Add To Cart” button below and get your hands on these amazing body-friendly exercises & dynamic stretches right now.

Remember, you’re not alone!

I like to do whatever it takes to make my clients happy!

So if you have any questions, concerns, or problems regarding any of the exercises or stretches, just send us an email and we’ll do what we can to help.  If we can’t help, you’ll get your money back.

Right now you’re facing three simple choices:

Choice number one:

Do nothing and notice how your body goes down-hill making it harder to continue playing golf at an enjoyable level.

Resort to modifying or purposefully shortening your swing.

This is a great short-term fix to help maximize your output while minimizing the stress & pressure on your joints & muscles.

However, it doesn’t address the root cause of the problem (your body) & allow you to play for many years to come, even well into your 80s or longer.

Choice number two:

Choice number three:

Use our body-friendly exercises & dynamic stretches.

Over 10,000+ golfers (both men & women) have benefited from these exercises.

They’re effective, easy, and quick.

Most importantly, they’ll dramatically change how you FEEL on and off the course.

The choice is yours and yours alone, but make it now.

Every year you don’t do anything about it, your body will go down-hill making it harder to continue playing golf at a level you’ll enjoy.

To upgrade your body and play some of the best golf of your life for many years to come, click the “Add To Cart” button below.  I feel this will be one of the best decisions you make all year!

Golf will kick your butt (if it’s not already).

You’ll start to get winded even before the first 9 holes (if you’re not already doing that).

And even practice swings will hurt and you’ll feel them for days (that’s probably already happening)!

Questions? Email

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To A Single Word I Have To Say?

As I mentioned, my name is Benjamin Arnold, M.D. I’m a licensed physician, and received my MD from the University of Texas Medical Branch…

I’m also a passionate golfer.

I’ve been playing ever since I turned 5, when my dad and grandfather would take me out on the course.

Last of all, and perhaps most important, I’m a TPI-certified professional, certified in both Level One and TPI Medical 2.

Now, if you pay any attention to the world of golf, you'll know TPI – the Titleist Performance Institute – is the gold standard when it comes to golf fitness instruction.

Benjamin Arnold, M.D. graduate of University of Texas Medical Branch TPI Certified Professional Level One & TPI Certified Medical 2

Butch Harmon put it best when he said: "If you're in the business of coaching, physically training or medically evaluating golfers, TPI Certification should be mandatory."

In fact, players advised by a TPI certified expert have won 18 of the last 20 Major Championships.

25 of the Top 30 players in the world are advised by a TPI Certified Expert.

And 47 of Golf Digest’s Top 50 Golf Fitness Professionals are TPI Certified or TPI Advisory Board Members.

The expertise I gained through TPI, along with my own medical background, has allowed me to help players of all ages and abilities — including many up in their 60s, 70s, and 80s — to reclaim their fitness, while adding power to their swings and yards to their drives.

Questions? Email

Golf Body Rx LLC | 2000 Dryden Rd. Houston, TX 77030 |

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the 28 Day Golf Body Tune-Up?


To quickly recap you get access to TWO programs at 60% off.

Program #1 - A 28 Day Golf-Specific Body-Friendly Exercise & Dynamic Stretching Routine That You Can Do At Home.

This program will provide you with a golf-specific exercise & dynamic stretching routine you can do at-home, outside, or while traveling in a hotel room. No gym, no equipment, and no weight lifting required. This will help increase your flexibility, strengthen your core, improve your balance, and help reduce or even eliminate pain in your back, hips, and shoulders.

Program #2 - 28 Day Flat Belly Golfer Challenge…

This program will provide you with specific HEALTH action steps to take each day to ease your way to living a healthier lifestyle. This will help increase your energy & vitality, strength & stamina, and even help you shed some of those unwanted pounds while still eating foods that you enjoy. The goal here will be to focus on the root causes behind a lot of our common health issues today. So if you’ve got diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other health issues, you’ll love this program.

Is this a DVD or an Online Program?


So that you don’t have to carry a portable DVD player around with you, we’ve hosted the videos ONLINE in digital format so that you can access it from anywhere in the world, at any time day or night, on any device that has access to the internet.

This means you can access the program on your computer, your tablet, or smartphone. Works on Apple, Google, Android, Microsoft, or any other device as well.
While these exercises and drills do not require any equipment and can be done AT HOME… if you choose to go to the gym and do these exercises or if you’re outside at the park and need a refresher on how to do any of the exercises or drills you’ll be able to access the videos through your favorite device.
Additionally, we also included downloadable PDF documents that you can print and take with you just in case you’re going to be somewhere without internet access. Also this comes in handy when you want to quickly read the instructions on how to do any of the exercises or drills without having to use a device.

What if I haven’t worked out in a while?


If you haven’t worked out in a while then consider joining us in the 28 Day Golf Body Tune-Up bundle to get that boost to get started once again.

I need a plan, but what if I lack motivation?


If you need a plan, you’ll get that with the two programs included in the 28 Day Golf Body Tune-Up Bundle.
If you need the motivation, these routines are only 10-15 minute so as you get each one done and see the results you’ll be more motivated to keep doing it.
Worst case, you’ll come in and get motivated to get your BODY & HEALTH in shape… even if you don’t complete all the 28 days of workout and health actions.

Am I too old to do the exercises & stretches?


I will say, no!

If at any point, you feel there is an exercise or stretch that you simply cannot do at this time, then let me know and I can suggest an easier more doable substitute.
Btw, I’ve helped many golfers in their 60s, 70s, and even 80s… and some of them are still going strong with these exercises and seeing noticeable improvements in their swing and golf game as well.

How much is it?


You can find the 28 Day Golf Body Tune-Up Bundle on our main website for $198.

We considered doing a 50% off special and pricing this at $100.

However, because we want to make this a “no brainer” decision for you, for a limited time, we’re extending a 60% off special for first-time customers and inviting you to experience all of these amazing benefits for just one SINGLE payment of $79.  Just use the coupon code: 2021

No recurring or hidden charges or fees.

This way, for approximately $2.82 per day, literally less than some places charge for a cup of coffee ($79 divided by 28 days), you can begin to…experience pain relief in your back, hips, and shoulders… Upgrade your body so you can play better golf while protecting it from additional risk & injury… and have a whole lot more fun on & off the course!

I’m on a limited budget, should I do it?


If you’re on a limited budget, I would consider what it would cost you not to do this.
Whether you exercise and improve your health with me or another solution with someone else…
I recommend that you do at least some form of exercise & stretching + look at your health/food habits because the health care costs in the US are sky high…
And any trip to the hospital can most definitely drain a limited budget… FAST.
I’m a doctor and see that happen often!
So my recommendation is even if you’re on a limited budget, to take steps today to try and avoid hospital trips in the future.
Work on getting your body & health in order or at least improved some, to avoid higher costs later.
If you’d like to take the first step with me, then…

Click here to get the 28 day golf body tune-up bundle at 60% off.

Is there a guarantee?


Yes, if after 28 days you don’t feel at least ONE of the following benefits then simply let me know and you’ll get your money back, period.

Increased Flexibility

Improved Mobility & Range of Motion

Stronger Core

Better Stability & Balance

Reduced Pain in specific areas

Increased energy & stamina

Clearer & more focused mind

Less sore after a round of golf

Lose some unwanted pounds

Looking forward to helping you feel and look better on and off the course!

How do I sign up?


To get access to the 28 Day Golf Body Tune-Up bundle while the risk-free trial at 60% off is still available, then click the button below now…

Questions? Email

Still Here?  Here Are 31 Reasons Golfers Have Decided To Give This A Try…

I'm in my fifties, and need more flexibility and also could shed some pounds. I love golf and would like to be confident and play for many years to come.

- Tom T.

I am 63, in good physical condition. Since retiring I am playing more golf. I am noticing that my body is stiff and sore, unable to perform the golf swing properly on a consistent basis. I am wanting to improve my "golf health" so I can enjoy the game I love so much in my retirement! In this process I am also hoping to see an improvement in my game also, by being able to "shorten the golf course" through increased length off the tee.

- Bill R.

I have lost a little flexibility over the past few months and need to strengthen my core to get the best out of my golf game and generally feel better with less back pain and stiffness.

- Arie V.

I was looking for an exercise program so I wouldn't be so stiff when playing golf and get a little more distance.

- Tom P.

I’m a Fireman but other than my job my passion is golf! I’ve had numerous on the job injuries including knee surgery left acl as well as minicus. And two other scope surgeries to get rid of scar tissue. Torn ligaments( three) in my right ankle. Back issues and most recently a broken middle finger on the left hand. I need a program that gets my core stronger for work and golf but also helps with my compensation for all these injuries.

- Shane B.

My old body is aging and I want to keep it golf fit for years to come.

- Mark N.

I bought this program because, at 80 years old, I don't want to have to lay from the forward tees.

- Carl A.

I have muscle soreness and pain in my hip and mid back that I would like to manage.

- Dave D.

69 years old and need 2 things. One is to get back in shape, second try to gain back some of my yardage of the tee.

- Doug T.

75 yo and want incentive to get up off my backside and maybe improve my physical being.

- Bill J.

I'm getting older and want to continue playing golf pain free, while improving my health in general. Hopefully, this will result in better play!

- Gene H.

I bought this program today because you have identified specific frustrations that I have been dealing with specifically a lack of fluidity in my swing. Additionally, I believe that your professional background will help me with some issues of pain which I have been experiencing. I am looking forward to testing this program.

- Nick C.

I'm 60 years old now and have let myself get into less than desirable shape. Over the years I've had 3 shoulder surgeries and 2 wrist surgeries. I probably should have done more in my rehabilitation process. But alas hindsight is 20/20.  Due to my job I only get to play once or twice a week. I'm only about 10 lbs overweight but I'm not in real good shape. I'm just looking for a program that will work for me that will relive some of the aches and pains one accumulates through the years. A program that will help me improve my game and help in everyday life as well.

- Kenny D.

I purchased so that I can regain the flexibility and distance I have lost.

- Richard C.

Strengthen core and increase flexibility.

- Scott H.

I want to get in better shape and hit my ball like when I was younger.

- Jim A.

I need help getting in good golfing shape.

- Earl R.

I bought this program today to hopefully increase my mobility and get some speed back in my swing.

- Frank L.

Need to do something to enjoy golf even with age-related physical abilities.

- John W.

I am turning 67 and have wanted a program just for golf exercises that would help with turn, core and flexibility and stretching. Wanting more distance and accuracy.

- Jim S.

Want to increase flexibility and necessary movements to increase swing and clubhead speed.

- Jeff B.

To improve flexibility and improve my game.

- Jim M.

I’m curious.

- Dan E.

I really need help with my down swing.

- Randy R.

I’ve always been a solid athlete, but I’m very inflexible and have never been able to score consistently. I want to correct the issues now before I reach my 40’s.

- Joel B.

I have lost at least three club links in distance over the past few years and I would like to regain them.

- Thomas P.

Golf season is coming soon.

- Eric L.

To improve my golf game and my core and flexibility.

- Howard N.

I bought this program today because I know I need to get in better physical shape. I like the idea of a golf specific exercise program and decided to give this a try.

- Paul L.

I'm 58 years old and have had both hips replaced in the last few years due to arthritis. My golf game is Ok (I'm a 12 handicap from the white tees), but I have lost a lot of distance since my hip replacements. I feel the pain and stiffness of arthritis in other joints as well. I workout regularly, but I know I have lost a lot of flexibility and swing speed. I am hoping GolfBodyRx can help me get some flexibility back, increase my swing speed, and improve my golf game.

- Tim H.

To increase my golfing enjoyment. I practice too much with little or no improvement.

- Gerald C.

I could keep posting these but these 31 reasons from real customers should be enough to help you make a decision whether this is right for you or not…
However, our suggestion isn’t to decide today…

Just give the 28 Day Golf Body Tune-Up bundle a try right now and then decide for yourself after actually doing the routine.  

Remember, you are protected by our 1-year money back guarantee.  If you don’t love it we’ll refund your money so there is nothing to lose.  Go ahead and give it a shot!

“I ordered the program only to find out I wasn’t able to do some of the exercises due to a shoulder that had been operated on three times and they were very good about returning my money.  It’s my belief that the program is very good and run by good honest people.”

- Richard Copeland

Questions? Email

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