Hi, I’m Benjamin Arnold -- Doctor, Assistant Professor, Husband, Father, Real Food advocate, and TPI Certified Golf Instructor.

That last part still makes me smile. Why? Because only a few years ago, I was more John Daly than Rory Mcllroy. Seriously! The transformation I’ve undergone has been nothing short of FANTASTIC and it’s what led me to create Golf Body Rx.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, let me tell you a bit about my background, so you understand where I’m coming from -- and more importantly -- whether or not you can trust my advice for improving your golf game through practice, exercise, and diet.

Growing up, I had what you might say was an All-American childhood. My family was loving and supportive, we lived in Colorado, and enjoyed all the activity a kid could want: skiing, hiking, baseball, football, and of course --. golf.

Both my dad and grandad were serious golfers. Some of the earliest memories I have are watching Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus on TV. More than that, as soon as I could walk, they were bringing me along whenever they played. We bonded on the fairway better than just about anywhere else.

By the way, I’m convinced that a huge part of golf’s appeal is the “Average Joe” quality of its stars. Let’s face it, nobody’s going to mistake Phil Mickelson for Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt, or Magnus Ver Magnusson!

In fact, you could even argue that golf was (and still is) a fat man’s sport. More on that in a minute...

Fat doctor in training

Anyway, by the time I got to college, I had made up my mind to become a doctor. While I was certainly attracted by the salary, there were other important reasons for my decision. Primarily, I knew I could directly impact patients’ lives.

Medical school was intense. It’s four years of nonstop studying, testing, memorization, and laboratory work. And then, after all that, the fun really begins -- residency!

Residency’s a sweet gig... for the hospital, that is. Basically, “in residence” means you’re on call 24/7, 7 days a week, for four years. While it’s not technically slavery (I received a stipend), it’s the closest thing to indentured servitude that I know of.

Now in the middle of all this, I got married. My wife’s the love of my life… I wouldn’t change a thing about her. But regardless of who it is, marriage is one of life’s greatest stressors. Getting married in the middle of residency is... kind of crazy!

A few years later, my wife got pregnant. I had thought I was juggling all of my responsibilities well  until that point. Turns out I was wrong… I had NOT been wearing the stress well at all. Fatherhood was a gut check.

My hamster wheel life was taking a toll on me that everyone could see. I wasn’t sleeping well, I was constantly tired, and most embarrassingly... I was getting fat!

I can’t say for sure how long it took to gain the weight, but there it was -- 30 lbs worth. It hung around my belly, the classic spare tire. In hindsight, it’s not surprising since I was eating copious amounts of processed junk. But I had never been fat before; it was a brand new experience.

And I didn’t like it one bit. In fact, I HATED every moment!

So when guy friends started making jokes… when my clothing got tight… and (worst of all), when my wife began giving me that pitying (but caring) look… I vowed to her and myself that I’d get back to “normal.”

But the truth was, I wasn’t sure if I could. How could I be? There was no guarantee that my life would get easier once I finished residency and started working. If anything, a freshly minted doctor is hit with a whole NEW set of problems!

Not only that, I was looking at fat -- even obese -- doctors at work every day. It’s one of our health systems’s great ironies; doctors who should know better -- the ones who lecture us about eating and exercise -- are themselves fat and out of shape!

With my son on the way, I was facing a hard deadline to get in shape. I had always loved deadlines... would thrive on them... because they triggered my competitive spirit. But this time was different...

I put in the work -- cardio every day, a strict low-fat diet -- and still could not lose the weight! What was most frustrating was that here I was -- a doctor -- and yet I couldn’t master something as simple as tracking calories.

If someone with 12 years of medical education couldn’t do it, who could?

My son was born and I still wasn’t in shape. I had missed my self-imposed deadline. Thinking about his future was demoralizing. What if I was the “fat dad” who couldn’t keep up with him? He deserved better.

Sadly, it wasn’t looking good. Golf, my game of choice -- the “fat man’s sport” -- was kicking my butt! I was too busy to play often, but when I did, it only revealed how pathetic I’d become. I couldn’t do 9 holes without getting winded. My drive was falling apart. Even practice swings hurt... I’d “feel” them for days!

During this time, I continued to eat “responsibly.” That’s to say, I ate lots of whole wheat bread, pasta, cereal and other items that formed the base of the USDA food pyramid.

But I was fed up with my lack of progress. I needed to try something new. The oath I took in medical school, “First, Do No Harm” came to mind. You see, doctors are supposed to always weigh risks in relation to treatment benefits. Treatment that does more harm than good has to stop. It was now obvious that my diet and exercise “treatment” was actually harmful.

Saved by real food

Thankfully, I discovered the Primal  diet. Actually, it’s more a lifestyle because it encompasses everything. The short definition of paleo is “primitive,” as in what our ancestors ate -- caveman ancestors. I know, I know. Sounds funny. But I’ve found the science behind it convincing. Plus, I was blown away by the results... I dropped 30 lbs in fat and replaced it with 20 lbs of muscle.

Here's my DEXA scan (the most accurate way to measure body fat and muscle mass) to prove it. I dropped from 21.7% to 6.3% body fat and gained 9.6 Kg (over 21 pounds) of lean body mass!

Golf -- My Healthy Obsession

As I said, my residency was draining -- the hardest thing I’ve done in my life physically, intellectually, and emotionally. But extremely gratifying, too. So much so, that when it was all over I felt deflated… even a little lost.

That’s when I started golfing more... and soon, all the time. My golf game had laid dormant through medical school, residency, and my son’s earliest years. Now though, my new eating habits paired nicely with the sport. What I mean is, my energy, power, and stamina increased, which translated into longer drives and more fun.

It was a classic case of positive reinforcement. I was making up for lost time, studying every new method for driving the ball further and lowering my score. My wife said I was “obsessed.” Wrong, I told her, just “passionate” 🙂

Pleased with my progress, I began to set specific goals. I tailored my workouts for core strength, distance, and flexibility. I started meditating… visualizing success. I got TPI certified -- by far the most prestigious program for golf fitness instructors.

Look, golf is no longer a fat man’s game. Actually, it NEVER was! The truth is, someone like John Daly would still be playing at a high level today if he had someone like me advising him years ago.

I know that might sound cocky, but I’m convinced it’s TRUE. For him, for myself, and for you!

That’s why I’m so excited to offer you the 28 Day Golf Body Tune Up. I’m offering it online, in a way that’s easily consumable, because a) it will allow you to learn at your own pace, b) will help you maximize your potential and c) lets me help many people rather than a few.

So here we are. Now you know what I’m all about and why I just HAD to start Golf Body Rx. If you remember nothing else, remember this: you too can become a drastically better golfer while losing weight and building muscle at the same time.

I understand that as a golfer you might just want to practice your swing. Training might not excite you. Nor food. But you see, the three work together in tandem -- like the legs of a stool or the sides of a triangle.

Why not dip your toe in the water? Start where you’re most comfortable -- swing, exercise, diet. Whatever you choose, know that you’re covered by a full 1 Year money back guarantee. That means you risk NOTHING.

I believe you can do this… in fact, I know you can!

See you on the inside.

Dr. Benjamin Arnold