Perfect For Golfers Who Have Completed
The 28 Day Golf Body Tune-Up Program…

Golf Body Rx Academy

It’s a NEW fitness membership called… Golf Body Rx Academy.

As a member, each Sunday, you receive new fitness routines for that week…

Complete with VIDEO demonstration for each exercise or stretch, exact sets & reps, & what sequence to do them in.

All designed to help you to…

1 – Limber up for a more fluid golf swing.

2 – Reduce or even eliminate your pain (keep reading to see the proof)…

3 – And to enjoy the game more for many years to come.

That’s my goal for you.

For you to open up each week’s worth of routines on Sunday, do them each day as indicated for that week, and get results you can SEE & FEEL on and off the course… period.

How Is It Different?

The Golf Body Rx Academy routines vary the exercises & stretches performed so that you don’t get bored with any one routine…

…and they are designed to work on the specific muscles necessary for a fast, fluid, and powerful swing.

When done every week, these routines will maintain & improve upon the results you will have worked hard to achieve with the initial 28 Day Golf Body Tune-Up program.

No sense in doing all that work to then go and lose your newfound flexibility due to falling out of the habit of doing the workouts.

These NEW shorter routines will help with maintaining continuity with your workouts each week…

…and soon becomes an automatic habit so you no longer have to THINK about doing the workouts. They just happen on a predictable basis like clockwork.

Get Started Today For Only $4.95!

Right now, you can get access to 4 weeks of golf-specific flexibility, mobility, stability, balance & core strength routines for only $4.95!

You can do them at home, outside, or in a hotel room while traveling.

There’s no gym, no equipment, and no weight lifting required.

Just simple, straight forward , easy to follow, step-by-step, “here’s what you gotta do” instructions.

And you can get started today for just $4.95!

After 30 days, when you see & feel RESULTS and decide to continue improving your golf fitness with your GBRx Academy Membership you’ll then be charged $19.95/mo.

There are no commitments, no obligations, and you can cancel at anytime by sending a quick email to

PLUS, we have a 30 day money back guarantee just in case you find that these routines are not for you.

To get started simply click the button below now…

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