Amateur golfers make one very common mistake with their swing:

They keep their elbows too far away from their body.

Check out the difference in this photo…

Professional golfers keep their elbows tight to their body while amateurs let their elbows swing wildly out of control!

Seems like an easy fix, right?

That’s what I thought too.

Unfortunately, it’s actually very difficult to do.

You see…

Even advanced golfers struggle to keep their elbow tight because while it’s easy to start the backswing with your elbow tight…

…It’s nearly impossible to keep your elbow tight the entire time as your body as you strike the golf ball…

…UNLESS you can recreate the identical movement pattern, over and over again effortlessly, with a professional nearby to make sure you’re doing it correctly.

Does that make sense?

So if you train the wrong movement while you’re accelerating towards the ball, you’re just going to worsen the issue further.

Even former PGA professional, Matt Bradbury, was struggling to help his advanced golfers and pro athletes to keep their elbow tight to their body because it’s such a subtle tweak…

…So he created a tool designed to automate the “elbow tight” movement in as little as 7 practice swings!

And the best part…

He’s asked to let you “test-drive” the product for free (except for small shipping charge):

Claim Your “Power Swing” Training Band Free!

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