Want to slash stokes from your game while eliminating the hooks, slices and hazards?

“How to Add POWER and Consistency to Every Drive…Without Even Stepping Onto the Course”

Now You Too Can Out Drive Your Buddies by 15, 25, or even 55 Yards….At Any Age…While Adding Strength, Flexibility, and Mobility to Your Body

If you’ve ever wanted to drive a golf ball with the explosive velocity of a cannon – while boosting your energy, eliminating sore joins, and avoiding injury…then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s What this is All about:  I'm Dr. Benjamin Arnold - the Distance Doctor!  Anesthesiologist, Assistant Professor, Husband, Father, and Titleist Performance Institute Certified Instructor.

How much time and money have you wasted on the range trying to fix swing faults without addressing the underlying muscle imbalance causing them?

It's not uncommon to lose 30 yards or more off the tee due to a combination of tight muscles and a weak core.

And let’s face it.  You’re not getting any younger.  It’s only natural to lose strength and flexibility as you age.  Aches and pains show up in places you never even thought about when you were younger.

But you don’t have to submit gracefully to the aging process.  You can increase your flexibility, mobility, strength and stability at any age…and unlock the distance and consistency you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Plus you’ll not only boost your endurance, but you’ll have energy to spare on the back nine…

Thinking you’re too old?

Gary Player just turned 81 and he is still shooting 70!  He recently shared how he can now outdrive Jack Nicklaus…

“Those who hit the ball longer have strong hips and core, and are flexible. The best example I can think of is comparing myself to Jack Nicklaus. For years he outdrove me by 20 to 30 yards. But as we've grown older, my strong legs and core, as well as my flexibility, allow me to outdrive him today. Flexibility is the key ingredient.

Gary Player

Have you ever wondered why so many players still struggle even though we’re surrounded by good golf instruction?

If your body is out of balance (and most players are from a lifetime of misuse both on and off the course), you’re simply not able to physically achieve the swing changes required for consistent distance and accuracy.

Have you been told you swing “over the top”?

If so, you can improve flexibility and hip mobility to unlock the proper kinematic sequence and dramatically increase distance and accuracy.

Struggle with a slice?

No amount of practice is going to fix it until you improve your ability to separate your upper from your lower body and strengthen and stabilize your core.

This will allow you to lead with your lower body and eliminate that distance-destroying slice.

Fixing muscle imbalances commonly found in golfers will allow you generate speed and efficiency throughout your whole body by  tapping into a Good Kinematic Sequence.

The Titleist Performance Institute has used cutting-edge technology to analyze thousands of golf swings and found the swing faults below are most often caused by physical restrictions…

  • 64.3% of golfers lose posture during their swing due to poor spine stability caused by a weak core...
  • 43.5% of golfers swing over the top due to poor flexibility and tight hips...
  • 64.3% of golfers suffer from early extension, thrusting their pelvis toward the ball caused by poor lower body stability and an inability to separate the upper from the lower body...
  • 38.5% of golfers have a reverse spine angle (the prime cause of low back pain), placing excessive tension on the lower back and explaining why 70% of golfers play in pain...

These swing faults are caused by common muscles imbalances.

Once this combination of tight and weak muscles is corrected you’ll unleash your natural power.

I struggled for years looking for the key to a consistent and powerful swing, wasting countless hours and boatloads of money.

After years of research, training and painful mistakes I made the shocking discovery that until I fixed my body, I could never transform my swing…

Unless You Fix Your Body's Muscle Imbalances, You'll Never Be Able to Physically Perform the Swing Changes Required For Consistent Accuracy and Explosive Distance.

To make matters even worse, trying to force your body to perform in a way it’s not physically able to is a recipe for Pain and Injury.

Even those lucky few who improve their game with conventional lessons run the risk of injury and chronic pain if they don’t improve their flexibility, mobility and strength.

It’s no wonder 70% of golfers play in pain.

I know I was.  I was fresh out of medical residency, 40 pounds overweight and stiff as a board. I figured low back pain and painful joints were just part of the game.

I consistently struggled with hooks and slices, amongst a dozen other problems.

My game was way off and being 40 pounds’ overweight, wasn’t helping.

You see, I've always loved golf. Even as a child I remember watching the PGA tour on television and loving every minute.

And I was dreaming of one day hitting the PGA tour myself…

But every weekend game, my ball ended up pretty much everywhere- But where I needed it to be…

My golf buddies said the only award I deserved… Was the “King of the Sand Traps” trophy.

I attempted to end my embarrassment and hired a golf instructor who was able to help me reduce my hooks and slices, but not only did the aches and pains continue…they actually increased.

Sure, I was able to beat some of my friends, but even after forking over thousands of dollars, and squeezing the lessons into my already hectic schedule… I never came anywhere close to driving with true power or consistency.

I resented wasting thousands of dollars on pointless golf lessons, bleeding my bank account dry...

With my medical background it should have been obvious to me, but I never realized how important my body was to my overall game.  Finally I realized the truth…

Unless I Fixed My Body, I Was Never Going to Fix My Game...

As I learned more about my swing-killing muscle imbalances (And the best exercises to fix them)…

Not Only Did I Infuse My Swing With New Power And Consistency…

But I found myself shedding the excess weight I had put on during medical school… While toning my overall physique…

My Energy levels were off the charts and I had the stamina I needed to maintain focus on the back nine.

The constant aches and pains disappeared and the nagging back injury was a thing of the past.

Proving to me, that golf fitness and the flexibility, strength and energy that comes with it is the KEY to power and distance.

My coach explained to me that while golf instructors can provide you with a general basis of what and what not to do…

Unless you improve your flexibilitymobilitystability and strength their techniques will never have you optimizing your power potential…

And WILL NEVER have you out driving your buddies on every hole.

Because as golfers we need to have a deep understanding of how our body functions in the golf swing

I’m talking about the connection between your body and your swing.

All great golfers share the same kinematic sequence of generating speed and transferring speed to the body.

Unfortunately, a golfer’s kinematic sequence is often limited by poor stability, balance, strength, and muscle imbalances.

And until you improve all of those physical fundamentals, your golf game will continue to be handicapped.

The knowledge I gained from years of research, training and Titleist Performance Institute certification led to a revelation…

The most effective program available to fix swing-destroying muscle imbalances is one that works for YOU, because it is designed for YOU.


There is so much information available about the best exercises for golf.  It’s easy to get caught up in information overload.

You’ve taken my Golf Body Rx Muscle Imbalance Quiz and know that everyone is unique.

The truth is the best exercises depend on your body. There is no single solution for everybody.

This explains why so many “off the shelf” exercise programs are collecting dust on the shelf.

This paralysis by analysis leads to yet another afternoon wasted surfing the internet for the best exercises and stretches for golf.

Save yourself the time wasted trying to sort through all the conflicting advice.  I’ve done all the research for you!

Much better to spend your time actually exercising and improving your game.

And I’ve made it easy and personalized.

You see for the past decade, only the pros and the incredibly wealthy could afford a Golf Fitness Instructor.

And I can tell you, we don’t come cheap to personally coach you.

The average Golf Fitness Instructor charges $150 an hour, and they require a 6 session minimum.

Instantly requiring you to fork out a minimum of $900!

And YOU WON’T drive balls farther than you’ve ever dreamed of, in just 6 sessions.

Plus, it’s tough to schedule time out of your busy day to meet a Fitness Instructor at a gym.

There had to be a better way.  That’s why I’ve designed a unique approach with my new online Golf Body Rx Bootcamp.

It is a way to help more golfers transform their bodies while maintaining the same customization and personal support I offer my in-person clients.

Hey Benjamin,

I have been exercising for several years now since retirement, but
my biggest challenge was finding and sticking to a golf specific exercise
program. The Golf Body Rx program provides guidance and a program of
exercises that are easy to follow.

It gives a plan and program of golf specific exercises to follow.
The app includes a video/animated GIF of each exercise to follow and ensure
that the exercise is done properly. Some of the other programs I have used
include DVD videos but those are hard to refer to in the gym!

I've stuck with it and only missed a couple of exercise

A guy in the gym (a golfer) came up to me and asked about the app
and program. I told him about it and he said "you're my hero" for doing the
golf exercises.

My golf partner said he noticed I was "really going after it" and
was surprised I hit my drives longer than him.

In six months from now I see myself as a better golfer in better physical condition.

Bill Dorrance

Bill Dorrance
Bill Dorrance Leawood, KS

Here’s what you get in the Golf Body Rx Bootcamp…

  • 8 Weeks of Coaching Divided Into Two Customized 4-week Exercise Programs based on information from YOU and tailored toward YOUR goals.
  • 8 Week Customized Stretching Program.
  • Unlimited Email Support and Coaching.
  • Access to the Golf Body Rx app with detailed video instruction and usable on any device.

Want to do the exercises at home?

Have an old injury we need to design exercise and stretching routines around?

No Problem!  All plans will be built to work with your body and your schedule.

Just follow the personally customized plan, where I show you exactly what to do and when to do it.

You’ll be transforming your body and your swing quickly and easily.

The Golf Body Rx Bootcamp is your prescription for improved energy and a fit and flexible golf body.

If You want to Add Yards to Your Drive, Become More Consistent, and Feel Better…

If you’re ready to transform your body and your game join me today and start your golf body transformation.

Following the 8-week program would normally cost you a STAGGERING $3,600 with private sessions.

But with the Golf Body Rx Bootcamp You’ll Pay Less Than The Cost Of Two In-Person sessions with me.

Golf Body Rx Bootcamp is your chance to Get Personal Help and Similar Results In Your Game Like Top Pro Gary Player Without Spending a Fortune on Coaches, Dieticians, and Fitness Gurus.

I’ve purposely keep the price to a minimum….a bargain for a golfer like yourself (and you’ll see better results in your game and life from these customized routines than you will from thousands of dollars of golf coaching).

For just three payments of $99 you can jumpstart your Golf Body Transformation and…


This will work for you because it is designed just for you, your goals, and your schedule.

Obviously my time is limited.  There are only 25 spots available total for this program.

Join Today…

I’m committed to providing excellent support and coaching and will cap this Golf Body Rx Bootcamp at 25 spots to ensure you get the personalized attention you deserve.

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To make sure this is completely Risk-Free for you I’m offering a 30 Day No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Even Though I’ve invested my own time customizing the program for you if you aren’t completely satisfied just let me know any time in the first 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund.

So Don’t Delay. Partner with the Distance Doctor and start your Golf Body Transformation Today!