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Mailing Address: Golf Body RX, 2000 Dryden Rd. Houston, TX 77030

How long can I try your product before making a decision?

You’ve got a full 365 days to decide whether any of my Golf Body Rx products are right for you. That way, you’re not rushed into making a decision before you have a chance to put the product to the test. I don’t want you to worry about missing the return deadline.

Instead, take 1 full year to try it out. Then, if you’re not completely satisfied -- for any reason -- simply shoot us an email with your order #. A refund will be issued to your credit card, and we’ll carry on as friends!

I’m busy… will I have time for this program?

The program is designed for busy people. I’ve boiled it down to essentials so that you can score quick wins... quickly!

Do you really need to get in shape for golf? What about all the pro golfers who are fat?

While it’s true that there are many fat pro golfers, the reality is that being overweight with a belly HURTS their game.

The reason is that belly fat interferes with the transfer of power from a golfer’s legs to his arms and then to his club. Think of belly fat as a ground cable in an open circuit loop.

The mechanics of golf stress the body. Torquing, twisting, swinging… even gripping are unnatural movements. The best chance for success in golf (and defense against injury) is to become stronger, fitter, and more limber.

What if I don't want to get buff like Rory Mcllroy?

You don’t have to! Quite honestly, few people could get as big and strong as Mcllroy even if they wanted to; he’s been blessed with good genes and has the money to invest in the best training and meals.

But (and this is hugely important) ANYONE can improve their physique/figure by following my exercise and diet plan. Once you do that, you should see definitive improvements in your golf game. It doesn’t matter where you are now, no matter how out of shape you feel, you can turn over a new leaf.


Will I feel silly performing these golf-specific exercises?

Maybe… but it won’t last. That’s because you’ll get over any self-consciousness once your strength, balance, flexibility, and stamina start improving.

How can I be sure your program will work for me? I've already tried to improve my game...lose weight... and get fit.

My program incorporates a three-pronged approach to improving your game: practice drills, exercise, and neuro-muscular integration. Most other golf fitness programs concentrate on only one aspect while neglecting the others.

All Golf Body Rx programs come with a 365-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you give my program an honest try, there’s no reason you shouldn’t expect fantastic results.

Is your program too complicated?

The short answer is NO. Every practice drill and exercise move is broken down into easy-to-follow steps. While my program is founded on science, it’s written for the layman.

Is your program too basic?

Again, the short answer is NO. Although the program is easy to follow and understand, it’s far from basic. Each practice drill and exercise move contains multiple components for improving your golf game.

As a precaution, I’d be wary of complicated drills and exercise moves -- they’re a fast track to injuries.

Email address:
Mailing Address: Golf Body RX, 2000 Dryden Rd. Houston, TX 77030