“Society has stamped us with an expiry date. This is ridiculous!”
– Charles Eugster (The Fittest Pensioner On The Planet)

Are you stiffer than you used to be?

For some, if not most of us, the answer is a resounding… and completely frustrating yes!

It’s not just the stiffness.

It’s the aches and pains too.

Stepping carefully when you get out of bed…

Or perhaps…

Taking longer to ‘get going’.

You have to allow extra time for stiff muscles and joints to limber up.

Maybe getting dressed is not as easy as it used to be either.

Especially reaching behind to put your arm through a sleeve of your jacket that fell behind your back.

Or bending over to tie your shoes, pet the dog, feed the cat, pick up the newspaper on the front porch, tend to your garden…

Or dare I mention… in some cases even reaching behind to clean oneself after the morning’s necessary ‘duties’ can get very uncomfortable.

We all get stiffer as we age…

It’s just what happens…

There’s only so much we can do about it though… right?

I mean, if we’ve been sedentary (read: at a desk) for at least the past decade or more…

It’s not like we can just get up, guns blazing, all of sudden forging full steam ahead with an elaborate exercise & diet regimen to fix it.

It doesn’t work quite like that.

As human beings, we tend to continue doing what we’ve always done.

Wake up. Sit while eating. Sit while working. Sit while watching tv or reading. Lay on bed to take a break from sitting… and then repeat… with a small exception for the days you play golf of course!

It’s a loop of inactivity that stiffens your muscles every day that you don’t do anything about it.

But could it really be possible to REVERSE this stiffening loop… at any age… even if your habits seem to be set in stone?

Charles Eugster thinks so…

They call him the “the fittest pensioner on the planet”.

And for good reason.

Click below to watch his short 2 minute ½ minute interview. I promise, it’ll make you want to get off your backside and move!

(Prefer to read? I’ve included the short transcript below).

“I was 95 when I took up sprinting and I now have two masters world records. I’m still competing, traveling around the world…

Competition makes you train more and you get an adrenaline rush which is extremely important for your health.

I was a dentist until I was 75, but I’ve never really stopped working.

Doing nothing is a curse. It’s a death sentence.

At the age of 87 in spite of the fact that I was rowing 6 days a week, I saw that my body had begun to deteriorate…

And because I am extremely vain, I decided that I needed to change my body.

It is essential that one has muscle.

Society has stamped us with an expiry date. This is ridiculous!

I want to start a revolution!

We recycle everything else.

We should recycle ourselves.

Anybody can do this.

I am not chasing youth.

Old age is one of the most wonderful, stupendous parts of one’s life.

Life is a wonderful gift.

And it’s never over until it’s over.” – Charles Eugster

After watching that video I felt like I needed to get off my backside and do some pushups or something, ha!

On a more serious note though…

The moral of the story here is…

While yes, you may get stiffer with age…

And yes, you might start to feel aches and pains…

And yes, you might have some bad habits that feel like they’re set in stone…

And while you may feel powerless to change all that…

You DO have control and power over this one thing…

You can CHOOSE to move today or you can choose to not.

What will you do?

Coming up next in Chapter 2 we’ll take a closer look at a key principle that Charles didn’t mention – the one that will stop the slow death of your golf game…

…even if you’ve been sitting on your backside for decades, don’t have the energy, or feel like it’s too late for you already.

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-Benjamin Arnold M.D.
Founder of GolfBodyRx

A graduate of University of Texas Medical Branch
TPI Certified Professional Level One & TPI Certified Medical 2