"5 Reasons Why 24,000+ Golfers Over 60 Decided To Try This 28-Day Flexibility & Core Workout — Are YOU Next?

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“I have been doing these exercises three times per week for the past two years.” - Andrew C. (Verified Buyer)

1 - Increase Flexibility & Range of Motion After 60+!

Join more than 24,000+ golfers over 60 who’ve decided to make this 28-day flexibility & core strength workout a crucial part of their every day lives so they can play well and enjoy golf for the next 15-20 years (or for as long as possible).

Many golfers over 60 have stayed planted at a desk, couch, or recliner for hours, every day for years at a time.  It can wreck your back and stiffen your hips leaving you too immobile to enjoy golf multiple times per week.  Not to mention losing distance on all your clubs.

With this 28-day program you can notice big improvements in your flexibility & range of motion.  After a few weeks, you can start getting more turn, hit it farther, and swing with some additional power and less pain.

“The almost instant increase in flexibility is awesome - love the program!” - Steve D. (Verified Buyer)

2 - Find Relief For Nagging Aches & Pains

Most golfers who have been playing for awhile tend to have back, hip, and shoulder pain (among other areas).  This can make it extremely difficult to keep up with everyone else and often forces you to rest for several days at a time before feeling ready to get back out there again.

“Just completed the 28 day golf body!  I’ve been struggling with bursitis in the hips as well as lower back pain probably brought on by golf.  It hurt a lot when I was swinging my clubs.  The program is definitely helping me loosen up and ease some of the pain and I will continue to do the program.” - Tom T. (Verified Buyer)

3 - Quick & Effective So Can Be Done At Anytime — It Works!

It only takes 15-20 minutes per day and can be done at home at your own pace.  Plus, it actually works!

“My objective is to get more distance on my drive.  Over the past year average 230 to 255.  Been on the program for three weeks now.  Played yesterday flushed on 281.  On the average of the day hit around 260.  It was also a wet day.  Love this program, it works.” - Chris C. (Verified Buyer)

4 - No Sticks, Bands, Bells, or workout Balls Required — So You Can Do It Anywhere

There’s no sticks, bands, belts, or workout balls required to complicate the process.  No need to go to the gym.  And no need to lift weights either (if you can’t or don’t want to).  This safe, effective, and easy-to-follow program is bodyweight-based so you can do it at home or on-the-go while traveling wherever you are.  Some even do it at the golf course before their round.  Others use it as the perfect complement to an existing workout.

“Today was day 1 and my back feels so much better and I shot my best round of the year.” - Susan C. (Verified Buyer)

5 - Affordable, One-Time Payment, Life-Time Access (No Recurring Fees)

Your one-time payment (approximately the cost of a round of golf or golf lesson), gets you life-time access to this program. You can access it at anytime from your computer, tablet, or mobile device (even after the initial 28 days).

“I bought the program last week.  I thought at the very least it would be worth the cost of a round of golf.  I have completed 3 days, I’m not ready for the tour yet.  I was skeptical of value but not anymore.  Even if my golf scores don’t improve, I like the way my body feels after a session and I’m 76.  Who doesn’t need more flexibility? I’m a fan already.  Thank you.” - Jim R. (Verified Buyer)

If you made it to #5 you’re obviously serious about getting into golf shape to keep enjoying golf for the next 15-20 years (or for as long as possible)…

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