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“The 90 Degree Problem”

The “90 Degree Problem” is the difference between world class putters and amateur putters.

Once you understand it, you’ll have a huge advantage over all your friends on the golf course.

And set up more birdies, pars and easy scores.

So what is the “90 Degree Problem”?

Well, imagine you have a simple 6-foot putt, on a completely flat green.

Your job is to hit the ball completely straight and make the putt.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, research shows that 45% of players will MISS this putt.

This is because they ignore the “90 Degree Problem”, which states that…

“To hit the ball in a straight line, you must make contact with the ball at a 90 degree angle…”

If you do, the ball will travel straight into the hole and you’ll make the putt.

Now, that sounds very simple and easy.

But here’s the big problem:

If you are even two degrees off, you will miss the putt!

This is why golf, especially putting, is so frustrating!

Being just two degrees off center is enough for you to miss an easy putt.

Let me prove it to you.

Take a look at the image below.

It shows the results of three different putts.

In putt #1, the putter makes contact at an 88 degree angle.

Just two degrees off our target of 90.

That’s enough for the ball to have a hook spin and you’ll miss to the left of the hole!

Those two degrees are the difference between birdie and par…

Or between 2-putting and 3-putting.

Putt #3 has the reverse problem

In putt #3, the putter hits the ball at a 92 degree angle.

That causes the ball to have a slice spin and you’ll miss to the right of the hole.

It is ONLY putt #2, where the putter makes contact at 90 degrees where the ball goes straight and you make the putt.

The Longer The Putt, The More Important This Becomes…

We know from simple physics, that the longer the putt, the more important the “90 Degree Problem” is.

Your small mistake at impact is magnified as the ball has further to travel.

On putts inside 5 feet, you have a two degree margin of error.

But on putts from 10 feet, you only have a one degree margin of error!

This is why long putts are extremely difficult for club players to make.

Even professional players struggle with this simple law of nature.

On putts inside 3-feet, the average PGA professional will make 97-100% of putts.

But if we move back just one foot to 4-feet, that percentage falls to 90%.

From 5-feet, it falls again to 75%.

And from 6-feet, it falls to 50%

The question I began to ask was…

“Why is it so difficult to make contact at 90 degrees?”

Most putts are missed before you even begin your shot.

When I’m coaching my students, I can tell if they’re going to miss their putt before they ever pull back the blade.

And it’s because they aren’t aligned correctly when they begin their putt.

This is what makes it so difficult to make contact at a 90 degree angle!

This is the most important thing when it comes to making successful putts time after time.

And we have the science to back this up.

In a study conducted by Quintic in 2014…

They found that 92% of a successful putt came down to connecting at a 90 degree angle…

… While technique was just 8% of a successful putt!

So to be very clear:

If you make contact at a 90 degree angle, the ball’s going right in the hole. Nothing else matters.

That’s why we’ve created a training tool that will help you automatically hit the ball at 90 degrees without even thinking about it.

And will lead to much more accurate, consistent putts during your rounds.

We’re calling it the “Precision Putt Training Aid”

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