Golf Body Rx Testimonial #2 – Daniel Howle – Flexibility Training For More Distance

Golf Body Rx Testimonial #2 – Daniel Howle tells us about his experience & results after adding flexibility training to his routine.

“I recently retired about a year ago, I’m 70 now, and in my younger days I was a low single digit handicap.

I could play a pretty decent game of golf, but…

You know, from the time I hit 60, the last ten years…

My flexibility was gone.

I could see my distance decreasing off the tee.

I was playing a completely different game.

A lot of it had to do with the fact that I just couldn’t make the turn like I used to and I didn’t have the strength that I used to have.

I was sitting behind a desk for a long time.

So I thought I’d give your program a try.

And I did that after looking at a lot of stuff on Youtube and saying…ok I can figure this out myself.

But I looked at the program and it looked pretty good to me, it’s a reasonable price, I’ll give it a try.

There was one exercise, the one about touching your toes…

I could get about 6 inches from the floor when I started out and…

Now I can put my knuckles on the floor!

I’ve added a good 5 ½ to 6 inches on just being able to bend forward.

There’s a few things that I have a hard time with.

I can do the planks, but the planks with the side rotation, I’ve modified that and do it on an incline, because for me it’s a bit tough — I’m 6’1” and 235 lbs.

But you know, I like the way the exercise progression is from day to day.

Second time around, I’m doing two and three sets of things instead of one.

I would say after the first 3 or 4 weeks, I probably picked up 7-10 yards off the tee and not a full club with my irons but almost a full club.

I’m able to turn better.

And I’m also doing a little bit of weight training along with it, but I think it’s a really good program. Especially for an older guy like me.

It’s easy to do.

My country club is across the street from where I live.

I go over there every morning and roll out one of those little mats and get a couple of towels and get in front of the mirror so I can keep track of my form and everything… and I’m enjoying it!

I think I’ll just keep doing it 28 days at a time.

Once you get into the routine, you enjoy it.

I’m having fun with it, I’ve recommended it to two or three people at my club, because they’ve noticed.

I play golf with them and they say… you’re hitting the ball a little farther… or… I haven’t seen you hit it like that in a long time.

I’m working really hard on my flexibility.

I feel like my core has improved.

Truth is, I still have a long way to go, sitting in a chair makes the connection between your lower & upper body stiffen up.

I’m sold on the program and recommend it to anybody.

You know, younger guys don’t have the same type of problems, but when you get to 55-60 and like I said I’m 70 now… you can get it back.

I’m in pretty good shape for a guy, 70. I’ve always been athletic, my father was a scratch golfer so I learned how to play golf when I was 7 or 8 years old.

So I’ve always been athletic, but as you get older and you get a job…

You see, I had a job where I was travelling a lot and you just kind of lose track of the fact that your strength and your flexibility slips away a little quicker than you think…but you can get it back.

I’ll be able to get to about 90% of the way I was when I was in my early 50s.

I appreciate you putting this together.

I like the way the workouts are.

I don’t have any complaints about it (other than some exercises are a little tough) but the second time around they’re a little bit easier.

Modifying the a bit helps, but you know, it’s been all good.

Anything I can do to help promote it for ya, I’m more than happy to do that because I’m enjoying it, I believe in it… and truth is…

It’s worked for me and I expect it to continue to improve me.

Once again, thanks for the program. It’s been really beneficial for me.” – Daniel Howle (Age 70)