How Going Primal Could Rescue Your Golf Game

Eating well is the foundation of health and a solid, powerful golf swing.  Golf and diet are more related than you think. The way you eat has a direct influence on:

  • How much energy you have to practice, workout and play the game of golf
  • How well your muscles react to instructions from your brain
  • How efficiently you build core strength, which is the basis for a solid golf swing
  • Your weight and body fat percentage, which helps to optimize your mobility
  • Your mental health

All of these things contribute to sustained energy, more power, better muscle control and better scoring.

Educate Yourself About Proper Nutrition

90 percent of golfers have no idea how to eat. They don’t have a clue about how much fat, carbs, protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber they should be taking in. So they eat what they like, with fatal consequences for their game and health.

9 percent of golfers know some basics about nutrition. They’ve read FDA guidelines about a balanced diet and the need to avoid too many saturated fats. They stock up on sourdough loaves and cereal bars. And, you know what? Their diets still don’t deliver improved strength, optimal weight loss and boosted energy levels.

I know this because I’ve been there. I went from the 90 percent to the 9 percent. Now, I’m in the 1 percent, and I want you to be join me.

After years of dieting failures, I discovered that much of the guidance from nutritional “experts” is misleading or just flat wrong.

Going Primal Can Save Your Golf Game

Changing your diet isn’t an optional extra. It can help older golfers get back in shape, add strength and flexibility and improve their distance as a result. Working out and eating well go together. You can’t have one without the other.

But what kind of foods are included in the Primal diet?

The basic idea is to eat real food.  Emulate our pre-agricultural ancestors, so anything you can pick, fish or hunt is fair game. Steaks, barbecues, poultry, jerky, pork chops are all acceptable. Try to source your meat as purely as possible and avoid excess salt and additive-laden products.

Green vegetables, nuts and fruits are great choices. Berries are particularly good, as they contain high concentrations of anti-oxidants, while nuts are excellent sources of healthy fats and crucial minerals like selenium and manganese.

Seafood is another key component of the Primal diet. Oily fish are the most nutritious, so opt for mackerel or sardines if you can, but shrimp and other shellfish are also great sources of protein. Wild-caught Salmon is loaded with healthy omega fatty acids and can be prepared quickly.

Eggs are a great source of healthy fat and protein (don’t be scared by the yolk, that’s the best and most nutritious part!).  Eggs are easy to prepare in a vartiey of ways and are very filling.

Sometimes it’s easier to think about what not to eat. Do your best to cut out bread, bagels, rice and processed carbs (crackers, chips, cereal).  If it comes in a box try to replace with some delicious real food.

Delicious Recipe Ideas for Primal Golfers

At first, going Primal requires a little help to adapt to the diet’s requirements, so here are some recipes that I’ve found particularly useful:

Beef meatballs – just combine ground beef with egg, herbs, a little tomato paste and some seasoning then bake them for around half an hour.

Primal burgers – conventional beef burgers piled high with guacamole, fried onions, tomato sauce and roasted parsnips – or anything you feel like adding.

Salmon and citrus skewers – just slip small pieces of salmon onto skewers and alternate the chunks with slices of lime or lemon, then season with salt, pepper and cumin and grill for 10 minutes.

But what about eating on the course? Sometimes it’s hard to find snacks that fit into the Primal diet, but don’t be tempted by candy bars, potato chips and sugar-filled drinks. These will lead to an energy crash and a predictable decline in your back nine focus and scoring.  Instead, add a few packs of beef jerky or nuts to your golf bag and stick to water.  Carry some bananas (just like Henrik Stenson), a few bags of seeds or even a small container of boiled eggs.

My experience is that, if you combine going Primal with a golf-specific exercise routine the result will be sustained energy and focus, more power and better scores.