Your Results Are Consistent With Lower Crossed Syndrome. Watch The Video Below To Learn The Best Exercises to Correct This Imbalance...

Fixing Your Muscle Imbalance Can Add 28 Yards or More to Your Drives and Cure Slices and Hooks, All While Consistently Hitting Fairways and Greens

However, It’s Extremely Common For Golfers to Suffer from MORE than One Muscle Imbalance at the Same Time

And this is where many players run into problems.

Addressing ONE imbalance -- in isolation – is like toppling over the first in a long line of dominoes. One problem area gets fixed, while another falls further out of balance.

And that's because, until you address the underlying problem correctly -- treating the body in a holistic manner -- it doesn't matter what you try…

That new swing technique…

Coaching with the local pro…

That fancy new driver...

None of it's going to help you physically perform the swing changes required for the consistent accuracy and explosive distance nearly all amateurs are desperately hoping to achieve.

That's why muscle efficiency is the keystone to any player's golf game

Without it, you won’t be able to unleash your body’s full power during the swing.

Yet once you have it in place?

EVERYTHING else becomes easier...

You can effortlessly crush the ball. Send it soaring farther, with consistent accuracy.

And you can make it through 18 holes full of energy instead of completely exhausted and begging for a nap.

So the real question is: how EXACTLY do we do this?

Well, the good news is, it's a lot easier than you might expect... and a lot less time consuming, too.

When it comes down to it, the ultimate muscle efficiency system for golfers focuses on only THREE things

I'll share those with you in just a moment...

But first…

Who am I and why should you listen to a single word I have to say?

As I mentioned, my name's Benjamin Arnold. I'm a licensed physician, and received my MD from the University of Texas Medical Branch...

I'm also a passionate golfer.

I’ve been playing ever since I turned 5, when my dad and grandfather would take me out on the course.

Last of all, and perhaps most important, I’m a TPI-certified professional, certified in both Level One and TPI Medical 2.

Now, if you pay any attention to the world of golf, you'll know TPI -- the Titleist Performance Institute -- is the gold standard when it comes to golf fitness instruction.

Butch Harmon put it best when he said: "If you're in the business of coaching, physically training or medically evaluating golfers, TPI Certification should be mandatory."

In fact, players advised by a TPI certified expert have:

Won 13 of the last 16 major championships...

Won 43 of the last 53 PGA Tour Events...

And include 25 of the top 35 players in the world.

The expertise I gained through TPI, along with my own medical background, has allowed me to help players of all ages and abilities -- including many up in their 60s, 70s, and 80s -- to reclaim their fitness, while adding power to their swings and yards to their drives.

But before I was able to help any other golfers...

I had to overcome my own game-crippling fitness challenges. In fact, I almost hung up my clubs for good.

Thinking back, it was 2010. I was fresh out of a medical residency -- which involved 80-hour weeks for 4 years straight.

Perhaps fresh isn’t the right word, because physically I was a mess.

In the worst shape of my life...

In addition to the extra 30lbs I’d put on…

I had sore muscles... inflamed, aching joints... and was about as flexible as a steel pipe.

And nowhere was this more evident than out on the golf course.

My game was trashed. I was embarrassed stepping up to the tee, because it was anyone’s guess where the ball was actually going to go…

I seemed to spend half my time on the course searching the woods or fishing balls out of the water.

And even after sinking a few grand into hiring a golf instructor, I wasn’t seeing any real improvement in my accuracy or distance…

To put it simply: golf was NOT fun.

I was ready to throw in the towel and give up the game for good…

Then I had a pivotal moment:

I found out I was going to be a father.

And I couldn’t stop thinking about my own childhood. Cherished memories playing golf with my old man and his father. It was this special bond the three of us shared, through the best and worst of times.

And I knew with absolute certainty I wanted to create that with my own son.

It was at that point I made a decision, one that would change my life forever:

I’m going to get this handled, no matter what it takes.”

And it was that turning point that eventually led me -- after quite a few mis-steps -- to find a TPI instructor to help me overcome my fitness challenges…

And ultimately, after being blown away by the night and day transformation I experienced  -- not just on the course, but in all areas of my life…

From adding 56 yards to my drive and slashing 12 strokes off my handicap…

To the massive leap in vitality and finally eliminating my chronic pain

I made the decision to get certified myself, so I could help others experience the same incredible results.

Combining my deep knowledge of the body and my experience as a physician, with what I've learned as a TPI certified expert, has taught me a lot about the golf swing.

Including this interesting fact:

While golf swings are kind of like fingerprints -- with no two being exactly the same...

ALL great golfers share ONE thing in common:

The Kinematic Sequence they use to generate speed and then transfer it through their body.

From Rory McIlroy... to Phil Mickelson... to Tiger Woods...

Even guys like Jim Furyk and Ernie Els, who appear to have such dramatically different swings on camera...

They still share an identical kinematic sequence.

So, in simple terms, all you need to do to strike farther with accuracy is to replicate this same kinematic sequence in your own swing.

Easier said than done though, right?

If you're limited by poor stability, tightness, a lack of strength, or muscle imbalances, it’s practically impossible...

Which is why it's so vital you focus on 3 KEY factors when approaching your own golf fitness.

Something I refer to as the Swing Efficiency Triad.

And it’s only by addressing these three components -- with the correct exercises, and in the correct sequence -- that you are going to see the kind of transformation you desire and deserve.

The first component is Dynamic Fluidity

Dynamic Fluidity focuses on flexibility and mobility in a very purposeful way.

You see, it’s one thing to be flexible...

But being able to translate that flexibility into the kinematic sequence?

That’s another thing entirely.

Which is why you need to focus on Active Flexibility -- flexibility that allows you to flow smoothly through each of your movement patterns.

It’s one of the keys to increasing your club head speed and making significant distance gains.

And also essential for reducing pain and your risk of injury -- both on and off the course.

The second component of the Swing Efficiency Triad is Core Proficiency

A well-trained core stabilizes the spine, decreasing pain... and keeps you stable and balanced during the swing.

Think about a Ferrari. It’s a high-performance machine, capable of astonishing speed…

Well, what happens if you put that powerful engine into a Prius?

The potential for speed and power is there… but you’re not going to be able to tap into it. At least not safely. There’s a reason a Ferrari has such world-class handling and stability, and that’s so it can perform effectively at those high speeds.

Well, guess what?

Your swing is exactly like that. Which is why, if you want to hit the ball longer, it’s absolutely crucial you address this.

The third and final component is what I call Neuro-Muscular Swing Integration

This is the critical piece that takes that newfound Dynamic Fluidity and Core Proficiency… and translates it into increased distance and accuracy.

After all these years of swinging at your current speed, even if you’re now capable of doing it faster...

Unless you train for it, it’s not going to show up on the course.

Neuro-Muscular Swing Integration involves specific drills for embedding that freshly-tapped power into your nervous system… into your muscle memory...

It gets your muscles firing faster and more effectively, while getting your body comfortable performing at a higher level than ever before.

And this allows you to express that power at will, guaranteeing it’ll show up when you need it.

So, now that you’ve learned about the Swing Efficiency Triad, and the importance of addressing each component effectively...

You’re probably wondering if there’s any easy way to do this...

The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Allow me to introduce you to a powerful, focused, and proven blueprint for eliminating swing faults and imbalances, and adding an extra 28 yards or more to your swing.

Golf Body Rx: 28 Yards in 28 Days

This is a 28-day, evidence-based golf muscle efficiency system, built on a deep understanding of how the body functions during the golf swing.

  • If you're frustrated with your lack of distance and you lack consistency with your shots...
  • If learning new swing techniques makes your blood boil because you simply don't have the flexibility or range of motion required to perform the movements correctly...
  • If you're sick of gritting your teeth in pain every time you swing... (often forced to hold back out of fear of doing more damage)
  • Or if in any way you feel like your body is working against you and sucking the enjoyment out of your game...

Then this is what you've been waiting for.

In fact, this radically simple yet effective system will work for you, EVEN IF:

  • You’re stiff-as-a-board with mobility problems…
  • You have poor stability and a weak core…
  • You suffer from pain and injuries that restrict your movement…
  • You feel like age has taken a serious toll on your body…
  • OR even if you THINK you've tried everything!

Now, before I tell you exactly what the Golf Body Rx program involves, let me be clear about what is doesn’t:

There’s absolutely no heavy weight lifting involved...

You won’t find any exercises that are going to impact your joints…

You won’t waste hours in the gym each day, meaning you can spend your time playing the game you love instead...

And you won’t need to waste money on any equipment which, let’s face it, would probably find its way into a closet a few short months from now.

The most you’ll ever need is your favorite driver.

Which means, yes, you can do this program from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you choose. No gym access required.

Now, there are 3 things that make this program so effective for players of all ages…

#1 - It’s an evidence-based program. That means it’s entirely built on proven methods for overcoming the unique fitness challenges golfers face.

By focusing on the Swing Efficiency Triad, you’ll know with confidence that you’re doing the right things to make progress towards a fitter, healthier, more able body… while developing a far more explosive swing.

#2 - It’s designed for golfers of all ages and abilities. Regardless of how fit and flexible your body is right now… and no matter what physical imbalances you might face... you’ll be able to perform the exercises and reap the rewards of the program.

Better yet, it’s a system you can follow at your own pace.

And last of all…

#3 - It’s super easy to follow.

Each day, you know exactly what YOU need to do, and exactly HOW to do it…

There’s no guesswork involved. You get instructional videos guiding you through everything, along with PDFs you can print and refer back to.

And since you can also access Golf Body Rx from any mobile device, it’s remarkably easy to follow the program no matter where you are.

Now, of course, you could hire me, or another TPI-certified instructor at your local course and have them design a program for you. That’s certainly a valid option.

But let me tell you, when it comes to personal coaching, we don’t come cheap.

The average golf fitness instructor charges upwards of $150 an hour, and they require a 6 session minimum. Requiring you to fork out a minimum of $900.

And that’s not even factoring in the hassle, inconvenience and time involved with meeting them at the gym for these sessions. Plus, chances are 6 sessions won’t be enough to get the results you’re after.

Now look, before we go any further, I want to be 100% up-front and clear with you...

If you’re looking for something that magically reverses years, even decades, of bodily neglect and misuse in a single session, Golf Body Rx is not for you. We both know that’s not realistic, there are no “magic pills”...

However, you may be surprised how quickly and effectively it DOES get results.

In fact, here’s what you can and should expect Golf Body Rx to deliver in just four short weeks

  • You’ll rediscover flexibility and range of motion you may not have seen in decades… allowing you to finally correct compensation patterns that were destroying your swing.
  • You’ll learn how to transfer your newfound flexibility, stability and strength directly into your golf swing… adding an easy 28 yards or more to your tee shots.
  • You’ll minimize or eliminate pain caused by muscular imbalances and be able to effortlessly maintain the correct posture throughout each stage of your swing.
  • You’ll eliminate hooks and slices that have plagued your game, and finally give yourself the accuracy your game has been lacking.
  • You’ll find yourself stepping up to the tee with confidence, knowing your newfound power has been embedded into your nervous system and will show up with consistency.
  • And my bet is, you’ll enjoy the game more than you have in a long time.

Here’s what Bill, a Golf Body Rx customer, had to say about the program:

Hey Benjamin,

I have been exercising for several years now since retirement, but
my biggest challenge was finding and sticking to a golf specific exercise
program. The Golf Body Rx program provides guidance and a program of
exercises that are easy to follow.

I've stuck with it and only missed a couple of exercise

A guy in the gym (a golfer) came up to me and asked about the program. I told him about it and he said "you're my hero" for doing the
golf exercises.

My golf partner said he noticed I was "really going after it" and
was surprised I hit my drives longer than him.

Bill Dorrance (64 years old)
Bill Dorrance (64 years old)

And get this, Bill got back to me less than a week later to let me know he’d shot a 62 with 9 birdies and 9 pars! Amazing!

Get Started Now

I'm committed to giving you everything you need to overcome and eliminate your golf body imbalances and swing faults, so not only are you getting instant access to the "Golf Body Rx" program…

To make this as much of a "no-brainer" for you as possible…

You're also getting 2 special bonuses to accelerate and sustain all progress you make in the program.

Bonus 1 - "Targeted RX Protocol"

Many golfers I work with suffer aches and pains both on and off the course.

The real magic is in adhering to the core program...

But if you want a little something extra to speed things along... A way to address those areas that have been giving you grief for weeks, years, even decades...

This is for you.

You'll receive additional targeted stretches and movement patterns for minimizing, and possibly even reversing, the impact of certain injuries and problem areas...

Including your back, hips, shoulders, and hamstrings... each of the areas golfers commonly experience pain and injury.

Now, this ALONE is valued at $49.95...

However, when you order the "Golf Body Rx" program today...

You'll get it absolutely free.

Bonus 2 - "Pre-Round Prescription"

This is a pre-round warm-up TAILORED to YOUR individual golf body imbalances.

It's designed to get your body ready to rock - making every stage of your swing easier - and, perhaps more importantly, minimizing your risk of injury while out on the course.

All too many golfers are guilty of using the first 3 or 4 holes as their warm up. Which, let's face it, isn't a great start to any round.

It's also a recipe for disaster. Without a proper warm-up, the most subtle thing can result in injury. And why risk throwing out your back or some other painful, long-term injury, when you can warm up and play at your best in a few short minutes.

This is a real value of $29.95.

With your order of Golf Body Rx today, it's yours -- absolutely free.

You Get Both Of These Bonuses Just For Trying Out the Golf Body RX Program

Now, you may be expecting a program like this to be quite expensive. And, if you were doing this program with me in person (or, for that matter, any TPI-certified instructor), it would set you back as much as $4,200.

That's how much my golf fitness clients gladly pay for personal coaching.

However, in creating this program, I had two goals in mind...

First, I wanted to help as many golfers as possible. When it comes to one-on-one coaching, I can only work with so many people. But the way I've designed this program allows me to customize a program based on your needs, without time being an obstacle.

And the second goal, I wanted it to be affordable for the average golfer.

That's why this one-of-a-kind program is priced at a conservative $97.

But you won't pay that today. Not even close.

Because you took my Golf Muscle Imbalance quiz to help discover the muscle imbalances holding you back on the course, I'm making this available to you at a special discount.

For a strictly limited time, you can get instant access to the "Golf Body Rx" program, along with the 2 bonuses I mentioned, for just ONE payment of $47.

That's an immediate saving of $50...

Over 50% off the regular price. 

And less than what you might pay for a round of golf.

So click on the yellow button that says “Get Started Now” to lock in your discounted price today.

Get Started Now

And listen: I'm so convinced the "Golf Body Rx" program will transform both your body AND your golf game, that to prove it, and for your own peace of mind...

I'm going to take all the risk on my shoulders...

That's right, when you order today, I'm backing your purchase with my…

90 Day "Add 28 Yards or It’s Free" Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

So instead of deciding right now whether this is for you, I invite you to put the "Golf Body Rx" program to the test for a full 90 days.

You're either thrilled with how much your swing has improved, how smooth and effortless it now feels... with how much more freely you can move without pain and restriction... and, of course, with how many strokes you've shaved off your handicap...

Or... shoot me an email within the next 90 days and I'll happily refund every dime you invested.

No questions. No hassles. No hoops to jump through.

And we'll part as friends no matter what.

All you have to do is click the button now.

Get Started Now

But you must act fast...

Remember, this special discounted price could disappear at ANY moment. And I don't expect I'll be making it available again at such a low price.

So don't be surprised if it's back up at the usual $97, or even higher, if you check back a week, or even a day from now.

Right now you're at a crossroads.... and you've really only have 2 options.

Option 1 is for you to leave this page right now. Ignore your muscle imbalances, and keep doing what you've been doing up until now...

Where you choose to gamble with a random assortment of exercises you find online... or worse, simple settle for an aging body that works more against you each and every year.

Where you step up to the tee and have no idea what's going to happen and whether you'll be fishing your ball out of the woods or the water hazard.

Where you let age or circumstances INHIBIT and IMPAIR your ability to not only play a good round of golf... but to even ENJOY it.

You could do that if you really wanted. But if you've read this far, I think it's a safe bet you're not willing to settle for that. Not anymore.

So that brings us to Option 2.

You can try out Golf Body Rx, knowing you're fully protected by my 90-day Money-Back Guarantee. Commit just a few minutes each day for the next month to finally fix your body, enjoy the game, and effortlessly improve your skills. 

Just imagine stepping up to the tee 28 short days from now. Your buddies looking on...

You set up for your shot...

Moments later you send the ball blazing down the fairway with laser precision... and your buddies jaws to the ground.

And even as they try to hide their amazement, they'll be checking your club and balls, just to be sure you're not cheating.

So if you’re ready to FINALLY unlock your full golf swing potential, gain 28 accurate yards, while eliminating the muscle imbalances and swing faults that have been plaguing your golf game up until now... then click the button now.

Fill out the secure payment form and gain instant access to the Golf Body Rx program.

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Benjamin Arnold, M.D.
Director of Performance: Golf Body Rx, LLC.
TPI Certified Lvl 1
TPI Medical Lvl 2


Let me answer a few questions you might still have so you can make an informed decision.

How quickly can I expect results?

To get the full benefit of the program, it takes 28 days. But you’ll begin to notice the benefits much sooner.

What happens AFTER the 28 days?

Most people who complete the 28 days find themselves eager to continue the program after the results they experience in such a short time.

What if I have a serious injury or physical condition impeding my movement? Can I still do the Golf Body Rx program?

Talk to your doctor. You’ll want to get clearance from a medical professional who can personally assess your ability to perform the stretches, exercises and drills detailed in the program.

My advice is to grab the program now, while it’s at this discounted price. Worst case scenario, you find out it’s not suitable for you just yet and you can request a refund.

Remember you’re fully covered for 90 days.

Will this program improve my both my golf game AND my health?

Yes, the inevitable improvements in flexibility, mobility, stability and strength will not only allow for a smoother, more powerful swing… but they help combat a lot of physical issues that plague golfers (especially as we age).

So don’t be surprised when Golf Body Rx takes away a lot of the aches and pains you’ve been living with… or when you feel more energy and vitality in your day-to-day life.

This is one of my favorite things, because it means I can now share that extra energy with my son out on the course.

Will it worsen my joint pain?

Properly done training has been shown to actually DECREASE joint pain.

What if my swing is limited due to back pain or shoulder pain?

I have a guide you can use for a warm-up that’s specific to each of those.

How will I know that I’m doing the exercises right?

As I emphasize in the program, if you experience significant pain, please skip ahead. Don’t feel like you need to push through.

There are instructions that will make it clear what to do and how to progress, even if you can’t do something right yet.

The exercises are specifically designed to allow you to progress as you improve over time. You build up to it. No one starts out doing them all perfectly, but they’re designed so you get better and better with time.

What if it simply doesn’t work for me?

Just send me an email and I’ll refund every red cent. No hard feelings.

Will increasing my clubhead speed hurt my swing or technique?

Yes, IF you do the speed training wrong as taught in a lot of programs.

But NO, as long as you combine the dynamic fluidity and core proficiency, you’ll actually increase distance your distance and accuracy, while becoming FAR more consistent.

Clubhead speed is only a problem when you’re swinging harder without having a body that’s capable of handling the speed.

I’m up in my years and age has NOT been kind to me. Is this actually going to work for me or am I too old?

This is a great question, and one that I’m asked so often.

And for good reason.

At the end of the day, you don’t want to invest your time, your money… or set yourself up for disappointment.

And having experienced that a number of times, I know just how frustrating it can be. All the effort, and none of the reward.

Well, the good news is this works well regardless of age…

If you can still move, you can still benefit from this program.

I’ve had several people well into their 80s who’ve done great with it. And you can also do it at a pace that suits you.

While age takes its toll, a lot of the weakness, stiffness and pain is simply the result of neglect and misuse over the years.

So what you’ll discover during the program is you have plenty of potential waiting to be tapped.

I’m busy and don’t have time for a “fitness” program - what’s the time commitment for Golf Body Rx?

You won’t need more than 30 minutes on any given day. Meaning you can spend more time playing the game you love.

And while it’s intended to be daily, the good news is you can spread out the program and do it at your own pace.

Do I need to go to the gym?

No. The program is designed so you can do it wherever you choose. Home, work, at the gym is fine.

Do I need any equipment?

No equipment is needed. Just a club you already own for a couple of the neuro-muscular swing integration drills, and perhaps a swing radar if you want to track your progress more closely.

Do I need access to a computer?

You can watch the videos on any device that has internet access. You can also download and print PDFs and follow along if you prefer.

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