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GBRx: 28 Day Golf Body Tune-Up

  • (BODY) A 28 Day Golf-Specific At-Home Exercise & Dynamic Stretching Routine... (Valued at $99)
  • (HEALTH) 28 Day Flat Belly Golfer Challenge (Valued at $99)
  • (BONUS) Accountability & Support from myself & other customers inside a NEW Private Facebook Group just for us. Note: The accountability & support will be available for a limited time, but you'll get access to both programs right away!
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Golf Body Rx 28 Yards Custom Plan Upgrade

  • 8 Weeks of Coaching Divided Into Two Customized 4-week Exercise Programs based on information from YOU and tailored toward YOUR goals.
  • 8 Week Customized Stretching Program.
  • Unlimited Email Support and Coaching.
  • Access to the Golf Body Rx app with detailed video instruction and usable on any device.
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Golf Body Rx Academy

  • GBRx Academy Benefit #1 - 15 Minute (Or Less) Golf-Specific Exercise & Stretching Routines Delivered To Your Email Inbox Each Week
  • GBRx Academy Benefit #2 - Unlimited Digital Access To Our Growing Library of Exercise & Stretching Videos (and Printables)
  • GBRx Academy Benefit #3 - Ask The Doc (Weekly)
  • GBRx Academy Benefit #4 - Member-Only Deals & Discounts
  • PLUS: Unadvertised Bonus Surprises!
  • 3 Fluidly Dynamic Flexibility Courses Flexibility is KEY!
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12 Week Golf Body Transformation

  • A 12 Week Golf-Specific At-Home Exercise & Dynamic Stretching Routine.
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GBRx: Finishers

  • Pre-Game Warm Up Bonus
  • Post-Game Cool Down Bonus
  • Back Flexibility Rx Routine
  • Shoulder Flexibility Rx Routine
  • Hip Flexibility Rx Routine
  • Hamstring Flexibility Rx Routine
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