Please see the below message from our friend Eric Cogorno at Performance Golf Zone. He has some interesting ways to get rid of your slice. May or may not be something you’ve already seen, but perhaps consider giving it a shot and see what you think.

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How To Turn Your Slice Into A Draw With The Reverse Slice Sequence…

Hi, my name is Eric Cogorno and I’ll tell ya, there’s no worse feeling than stepping up to that first tee box with everyone watching…

Taking your shot…

And watching your ball spray to the right, as you turn around and take the walk of shame back to the golf cart.

I don’t have to tell you that your slice is the single biggest scorecard wrecker in your game right now.

Hitting a slice can strip 20-30 yards off your drive or more, because of the cut spin being put on the ball.

That’s why I wanted to show you this video:

How To Turn Your Slice Into A Draw By Using The “Reverse Slice Sequence”

It shows you a simple 15-shot technique that unlocks your perfect on-plane swing, making solid contact with a square clubface…

Allowing you to finally get rid of your nasty slice, gain 20+ yards of distance off the tee, and see fast improvements in your score.

Watch how it works.

Listen, you already know the feeling of standing on a difficult par 4 tee box with out of bounds lining the entire right side of the fairway… Without a shred of confidence.

And you just KNOW it’ll be almost impossible for you to make par on that hole.

Let’s face it…

The game’s not much fun when you’re reaching into your bag to replace a ball you sliced out of play for the fourth time in six holes!

The “Reverse Slice Sequence” that you’ll see in this video is a training method that rewires your brain to swing the club in a way that makes slicing the ball virtually impossible.

Go here to see how it eliminates your slice.

Enjoy the video,
Eric Cogorno
Coach at Performance Golf Zone

P.S. Wondering if this ACTUALLY works?

See what others have said about the “Reverse Slice Sequence”…

“I struggled for a couple years to get over a back injury and had lost a lot of yards with my driver. With Eric’s teachings I’ve been able to add 25-30 yards. The main thing is that I’m making much better contact.” – Al Slwinski, Age 69

“I’ve tried 50 different instructors the past decade. FINALLY I can say I found a swing solution that is actually repeatable versus previous instruction that works for a few days then the results go away.” – Patrick Miller, Age 58

“I’ve been struggling to hit my irons solid for years. After a few minutes of instruction from Eric, I was able to start hitting high flush iron shots. The game has become fun again!” – Daniel Mantey, Age 55

“After using the program in only one summer I was able to eliminate my slice, gain 20+ yards and knocked 12-15 shots of my score. I’m now shooting in the low 80s and am enjoying the game more then ever.” – David Zangrilli, Age 28

“Very clear and easy to follow. I found that you pointed out several elements of the swing that I was unaware I was not doing correctly. Very quickly after incorporating your instructions, I saw positive results. Very glad that I spotted your program on Facebook and that I made the purchase.” – Tom Miller, Age 47

“Eric’s Reverse Slice Sequence is very easy to understand and almost instantly helped me turn my slice into a small baby draw.” – Scott Sannes, Age 49

Want to try it out for yourself? Give it a shot here.