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Anyway, I promised I was going to get this out before November 1st, so here we go…

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How Do You Eat An Elephant?
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Yes, we have all heard the saying…

“Eat the elephant one bite at a time” when dealing with a large task, goal, or project.

Just do a Google search and you will find blog posts, books and videos on it by the scores.

It is so ingrained in our culture that we accept it as fact.

The trouble is that it doesn’t always work very well.
Let me explain…

It Starts To Smell

The first problem with eating an elephant one bite at a time is that it goes bad really quickly.

Imagine a huge elephant lying outside in your backyard.

With the sun and the days, weeks and months it would take to eat the elephant this way, it is going to rot pretty quickly and stink up the neighborhood.

You’ll Get Really Sick of It

The other problem of consuming your hypothetical elephant this way is that you get really sick of elephant.

Even the most delicious food will get tiring after a time.

The thousand pound elephant is going to taste pretty bad after enough bites of it.

And then the biggest problem is that it simply…

Takes a LONG Time

By taking one bite at a time of *only* elephant, it’ll take weeks, months, and depending on the size of your bites, maybe a year or more!

Most people lose interest and end up quitting.

So, how does one eat an elephant so that it doesn’t go bad and you don’t get sick of it?

Throw An Elephant Party!

You hack it up and have a party.

You cut up the elephant into big parts.

Invite the whole neighborhood over and pass out the parts.

Music, some beverages and before you know it, that elephant is gone. Everyone is happy and you get to move on to the next elephant, water buffalo, or whatever.

“Dr. Ben, are you suggesting I eat Elephant Meat for Sunday brunch?”

Ofcourse not!

What I am talking about here is breaking a big audacious goal, huge project or a simply something that just seems overwhelming into big chunks that can be taken on at the same time… *with the help of others*.

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In the case of a senior golfer…
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That elephant could be getting back into golf shape…

Shedding some pounds and losing some belly fat…

Recovering from a surgery or painful injury to get back on the golf course…

Or simply regaining their energy to make it through 18-holes… let alone 9 without having to call it quits early.

The problem is sometimes they’ll get started on a workout routine or plan, don’t see results right away, or end up hitting a roadblock of some kind…

Whether it be discipline, time, motivation, energy, or lack of some basic how-to’s… and the elephant then starts to smell, they get tired of it, and feel like there’s no sense in continuing if there are no tangible results to be had.

It’s just easier for them to say…

“Oh I’ll get to that later, when I have the time, energy, and/or motivation to do it.”

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Does any of that sound familiar?
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If any of that resonates with you or describes a situation you might be going through right now…

I’ve found an effective way to chop this “get back into golf-shape” elephant into doable chunks…especially for stiff as board, low energy, in-pain senior golfers…

And I also think I’ve found the right music & beverages to go along with it so that eating this “elephant” can happen much FASTER… and in a much more SIMPLE and FUN way as well.

Not to mention, not having to do it alone either!

If this is an Elephant Party you think you might be interested in attending, or even if you’re only semi-interested or even just sort of curious…

To get the details of this Elephant Party…

Click Here To Continue

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

-Dr. Benjamin Arnold
Founder of GolfBodyRx

(TPI Certified Professional Level One)
(TPI Certified Medical 2)

P.S. Disclaimer: And yes, the above is only a fun metaphor! I do not recommend or condone actually eating Elephant Meat! 😉