Hey GBRx’ers,

Quick note before I get into the Elephant Party FAQ…

Did you know the Titanic II is set to sail in 2022?

It’s a $500 million project that was held up for several years due to a financial dispute, but now they’re set to make the two-week voyage in 2022.

The ship will have the same cabin layout as the original and will sail from Dubai to Southampton, England and then on to New York, following the same North Atlantic route of the original, which sunk on April 12, 1912.

The new ship will carry almost exactly the same number of passengers (2,400) and crew (900) as the original, but more importantly, it will have modern navigation and safety technology – including plenty of lifeboats.

I found that super interesting and thought you might as well!

Anyway, just yesterday I was going through my email and there is a lot of excitement about this “elephant idea” but some of you still have some unanswered questions…

I’ll answer them below…

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Q: What is the Elephant Party exactly?
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A – The Elephant Party will be a collaborative exercise routine & health challenge done alongside other senior golfers for 28 days straight.

November 1st – November 28th, 2018.

If you decide to join us, each day you will receive your exercise routine & and your health action step for the day.

Then once you’ve completed the challenge for the day, you’ll come back into the group and leave a comment on that day’s post letting me and the other party guests know that you completed that day’s challenge.

This way we can ALL help each other eat the elephant and reach our BODY & HEALTH goals much faster.

Also, competition is encouraged 😉

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Q: Is it in-person or online?
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A – While I have received some interest in doing an in-person event, this first Elephant Party will be help 100% ONLINE inside of a private Facebook group for party guests only.

You’ll be able to access each day’s challenge through this Facebook group.

And because it’s on Facebook you’ll be able to access the daily challenges through your phone and/or computer.

Also, because this is a private group, no one else on Facebook other than myself and the other party guests will see that you are part of the Elephant Party.

CLICK HERE to join us

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Q: What’s included?
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A – For the November Elephant Party, I am including what I’m calling the “Elephant Party Bundle”…

With this bundle you’ll get access to TWO programs for the price of only one.
28 Day Golf Body Tune-Up, will provide you with a golf-specific exercise & stretching routine you can do at-home, outside, or while traveling in a hotel room. No gym, no equipment, and no weight lifting required. This will help increase your flexibility, strength… improve your balance, and even help reduce or eliminate pain in your back, hips, and shoulders.

28 Day Flat Belly Golfer Challenge, will provide you with specific HEALTH action steps to take to ease your way to living a healthier lifestyle. This will help increase your energy & vitality, strength & stamina, and for some even help you shed some of those unwanted pounds while still eating foods that you enjoy. The goal here will be to focus on the root causes behind a lot of our common health issues today. So if you’ve got diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other health issues, you’ll love this program.

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Q: I need a plan, but what if I lack the motivation?
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A – It’s been proven that when a project or endeavor is taken on by a TEAM rather going at it alone, it is much easier to get done what needs to get done.

In this case, if you need a plan, you’ll get that with the two programs included in the Elephant Party Bundle.

If you need the motivation, you’ll get that as you accomplish each of the challenges alongside the other party-guests. They will also be posting their results in the comments section of the Facebook posts after each day’s challenge has been completed.

Worst case, you’ll come in and get motivated to get your BODY & HEALTH in shape… even if you don’t complete all the 28 days of workout and health actions.

Yes, I want to get started!

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Q: What if I haven’t worked out in awhile?
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A – If you haven’t worked out in a while then consider joining us in the Elephant Party to get that boost to get started once again… and take advantage of the accountability & support to KEEP going throughout the 28 days.

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Q: Am I too old to do the exercises?
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A – I will say, no!

If at any point, you feel there is an exercise or stretch that you simply cannot do at this time, then let me know and I can suggest a easier more doable substitute.

Btw, I’ve helped many golfers in their 60s, 70s, and even 80s… and some of them are still going strong with these exercises and seeing noticeable improvements in their swing and golf game as well.

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Q: How much is it?
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A – To purchase the TWO programs (28 day golf body tune-up and 28 day flat belly golfer challenge) separately it would cost you $198.

But right now, you can secure one of the remaining spots in the Elephant Party for one payment of $99 (no recurring fees).

CLICK HERE To Grab The Elephant Party Bundle

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Q: I’m on a limited budget, should I do it?
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A – If you’re on a limited budget, I would consider what it would cost you not to do this.

Whether you exercise and improve your health with me or another solution with someone else…

I recommend that you do at least some form of exercise & stretching + look at your health/food habits because the health care costs in the US are sky high…

And any trip to the hospital can most definitely drain a limited budget… FAST.

I’m a doctor and see that happen often!

So my recommendation is even if you’re on a limited budget, to take steps today to try an avoid hospital trips in the future.

Work on getting your body & health in order or at least improved some, to avoid higher costs later.

If you’d like to take the first step with me, then…

CLICK HERE to join the November Elephant Party.

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Q: Is there a guarantee?
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A – Yes, if after the 28 days you don’t feel at least ONE of the following benefits then simply let me know and you’ll get your money back, period.

Increased Flexiblity
Improved Range of Motion
Better Balance
Reduced Pain in specific areas
Increased energy & stamina
Clearer & more focused mind
Less sore after a round of golf
Lose some unwanted pounds

Looking forward to helping you feel and look better on and off the field!

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Q: How do I sign up?
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A – To secure one of the remaining spots in the November Elephant Party, then purchase CLICK HERE to purchase one of the Elephant Party Bundles now.

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Q: What are others saying after working with you?
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A – Here’s a just a small handful of the messages I’ve received from golfers who have decided to work with me…

“Caught up with my friend after not playing together for one year. When we went to play he was literally hitting drives 50, 60, 70 yards past us. His success comes from the 28 days. Sign me up!”Rick H.

“First of all I’m 62 years old, with both hips replaced (2002 and 2008) coming off a spinal stenosis surgery last Halloween. I spent 6 weeks standing, walking and laying down. Then 12 weeks getting my strength and flexibility back. I felt great but I couldn’t hit the ball. One evening while playing 9 at my club a guy walked up and asked if he could join me. It turns out he is a physical therapist and he is also a TPI certified therapist. With his introduction I started looking online and I found your program. It took a few weeks to get my game back in some order. I played and walked 18 with a push cart in an event this weekend and shot 87/84. I am not back to a single digit handicap yet, but I am getting through my swing with more speed and hitting the ball much more flush. Improving!”Ned E.

“The 28 days are awesome. My golf buddies are noticing my drives are going farther and my 7 iron now is going 175-185.” Eric O.

“Lost 10 pounds and increased flexibility. Looking forward to hitting the driving range soon. Been swinging the club in the yard. Feels good so far.”David D.

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What say you?
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Ready to jump in and join us at the Elephant Party this November?

CLICK here to join us at the Elephant Party

But hurry because of time constraints due to extra shifts at the hospital and the remodeling work we’re getting done on the kitchen/house, I will only be able to take on a limited number of spots to this Elephant Party, so if you want in… make sure to secure your Elephant Party Bundle asap, while you’ve got this email open and it’s fresh on your mind.

Have a great Wednesday…

I’m rooting fo you!

-Dr. Benjamin Arnold
Founder of GolfBodyRx

(TPI Certified Professional Level One)
(TPI Certified Medical 2)

P.S. If this is the first email you’re reading in this series and you’re thinking… “what the heck is the doc talking about with this elephant thing?” … go back through your inbox and read the previous emails I’ve sent.

One has the subject line…

Sunday Brunch – Elephant Meat

And the other’s subject line is…

Monday – Your ELEPHANT Party!

Anyway, that should give you some context on what we’re talking about.