Is It Really Possible To Reduce or Even Eliminate Pain In Your Back, Hip & Shoulders, Strengthen Your Core For More Turn On Your Backswing, And Increase Flexibility For Distance and Accuracy After Just 28 Days Of Following This Golf-Specific At-Home Exercise & Stretching Routine?

Benjamin Arnold, M.D. graduate of University of Texas Medical Branch – TPI Certified Professional Level One & TPI Certified Medical

April 12, 2024

Houston Doctor says he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is and PROVE it to you, right here, right now by offering you a 21 Day Preview for just $1.

It normally costs $47 upfront to get access to his online video program, but today he challenges you to try this golf-specific routine (no weightlifting, no gym membership, and no equipment required... everything can be done at home or on the go) for 21 days straight exactly as he describes for just $1.

And if you don’t get results like the golfers below, he won’t even charge you for it…

*Disclaimer: Your results may vary.

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Here's what you'll get access to in just a few moments...

Golf Fitness Routine 1

These 12 "no equipment" exercises, stretches, and drills will help...

  • Improve shoulder stability, strengthen your glutes
  • Improve mobility and stability in the shoulder joint
  • Improve hamstring and hip flexibility
  • Maintain proper posture during and throughout the swing
  • Improve thoracic extension
  • Build rotational stability, improve balance
  • Develop the hip hinge required for proper golf posture
  • Lower back flexibility
  • Develop mobility in the lumbar spine
  • Develop disassociation between the upper and lower body

This routine is designed to fix your muscle imbalances, making your body more efficient, resulting in a noticeably improved golf swing in just days.

Swing Speed Drill

This drill will help you increase your club-head swing speed considerably by making just ONE adjustment. Try it. Some have experienced increases of 8 mph in under a minute.

Golf Fitness Routine 2

These 11 “no equipment” exercises will help...

  • Develop strength and stability in the posterior muscles of the shoulders, back and legs
  • Improve core stability
  • Develop core and rotational strength
  • Improve balance and the disassociation between the lower and upper body
  • Improve upper body pressing strength
  • Improve core stability
  • Develop thrust power for your swing
  • Develop stability in lower body
  • Find your neutral pelvic tilt for best 5 iron posture
  • Warm up your shoulder and elbow
  • Improve posterior muscular strength.

This routine is designed to fix your muscle imbalances, making your body more efficient, resulting in a powerful swing for longer distances.

Speed Sticks Drills

This drill will speed you up by teaching your brain that your body can swing and rotate faster. This fixes neuromuscular restriction.

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Plus When You Claim Your 21-Day Preview Today, You’ll Get 6 Gifts Valued at $19.95 Each Absolutely FREE!

FREE Gift #1: Golf Warm Up

Do these 8 “no equipment” exercises right before you start your game in order to warm up your shoulder muscles, shoulder joints, posterior leg muscles, improve rotation and separation between loaded and trailing leg. Even if you did nothing else but this warm up, the game will instantly be more enjoyable and you’ll reduce your risk of injury at the golf course. (Valued at $19.95) Absolutely FREE!

FREE Gift #2: Golf Cooldown

This 6 “no equipment” 2-3 minute cool-down will not only help you reduce your risk of injury but alo help you avoid pain and stiffness after the game. (Valued at $19.95) Absolutely FREE!

FREE Gift #3: Hamstring Flexibility Rx

Have tight or stiff hamstrings? These 5 “no equipment” exercises will specifically help improve your hamstring flexibility for better rotation during swings. (Valued at $19.95) Absolutely FREE!

FREE Gift #4: Hip Flexibility Rx

Have tight or stiff hips? These 6 “no equipment” exercises will specifically help improve your hips strength, mobility, and flexibility resulting in a more powerful swing. (Valued at $19.95) Absolutely FREE!

FREE Gift #5: Back Flexibility Rx

Have back pain or stiffness? Try these 8 “no equipment” exercises to help improve the flexibility of your lower back, the lateral muscle chain, and spinal erectors which will also help you get more distance on your drives. (Valued at $19.95) Absolutely FREE!

FREE Gift #6: Shoulder Flexibility Rx

Have tight or stiff shoulder muscles & joints? These 7 “no equipment” exercises will help improve the mobility and stability of your shoulders making your swing feel almost effortless. (Valued at $19.95) Absolutely FREE!

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One More Thing...

So that you don’t have to carry a portable DVD player around with you, we’ve hosted this program ONLINE in digital format so that you can access it from anywhere in the world, at anytime day or night, on any device that has access to the internet.

This means you can access the program on your computer, your tablet, or smartphone. Works on Apple, Google, Android, Microsoft, or any other device as well.

While these exercises and drills do not require any equipment and can be done AT HOME… if you choose to go to the gym and do these exercises or if you’re outside at the park and need a refresher on how to do any of the exercises or drills you’ll be able to access the videos through your favorite device.

Additionally, we also included downloadable PDF documents that you can print and take with you just in case you’re going to be somewhere without internet access. Also, this comes in handy when you want to quickly read the instructions on how to do any of the exercises or drills without having to use a device.

  • You can access this program from anywhere in the world, at anytime day or night, on any device that has access to the internet.
  • Exercises and drills don't require any equipment and can be done at home. You’ll be able to access the videos through your favorite device.
  • Included downloadable PDF documents that you can print and take with you just in case you’re going to be somewhere without internet access

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You're protected by my 1 Year quadruple guarantee...

My Quadruple “Add 28 Yards or it’s Free” Guarantee

Guarantee #1:
In the next 28 days, just follow the program, and you’ll see at least a 13 MPH increase in club head speed and 28 yard increase in driving distance (probably more like 40 yards). This is a no-brainer, slam dunk for me to guarantee.

Guarantee #2:
Someone will take notice of your new found distance and make a comment about how far you are bombing your drives. You can share your secret if you’d like... up to you. Just be prepared if your playing partners get a little “peanut butter and jealous” as you consistently crush your drives well past theirs!

Guarantee #3:
You’ll feel the ball just launch off the club-face. It will rocket down the fairway like never before. That’s the best feeling ever. Watch the look on your playing partners face.

Guarantee #4:
If none of that happens I insist that you cancel your order by sending me an email at You’ll get every penny back on the spot and you keep all the downloadable exercise, stretching guides, and swing speed drill PDFs as our penalty.

This way there is no risk on your end as I am taking on all the risk for you.

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Order now to get your free gifts and your 21-Day preview. You’ll have 21 days from receipt to examine Golf Body Rx: 28 Yards In 28 Days for just $1.

You can cancel it at the end of your 21-day preview and owe nothing. If you keep it, you will pay two monthly installments of $23 (total of $47).

Or you can upgrade your order to pay in full and save 20%! Just place your order below, choose the pay in full option on the next page and you’ll save $10 on your entire order!

Your free gifts are yours to keep no matter what as our thanks for previewing the Golf Body Rx 28 Yards In 28 Days program.

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Take up to a full year to enjoy your new purchase!

If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund — no questions asked!

Who am I and why should you listen to a single word I have to say?

As I mentioned, my name is Benjamin Arnold. I'm a licensed physician and received my MD from the University of Texas Medical Branch...

I'm also a passionate golfer.

I’ve been playing ever since I turned 5 when my dad and grandfather would take me out on the course.

Last of all, and perhaps most important, I’m a TPI-certified professional, certified in both Level One and TPI Medical 2.

Now, if you pay any attention to the world of golf, you'll know TPI – the Titleist Performance Institute – is the gold standard when it comes to golf fitness instruction.

Butch Harmon put it best when he said: "If you're in the business of coaching, physically training or medically evaluating golfers, TPI Certification should be mandatory."

In fact, players advised by a TPI certified expert have:

Won 13 of the last 16 major championships...

Won 43 of the last 53 PGA Tour Events...

And include 25 of the top 35 players in the world.

The expertise I gained through TPI, along with my own medical background, has allowed me to help players of all ages and abilities – including many up in their 60s, 70s, and 80s – to reclaim their fitness, while adding power to their swings and yards to their drives.

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31 Reasons Why Other Golfers Have Decided To Give This A Try...

  • 1

    I'm in my fifties, and need more flexibility and also could shed some pounds. I love golf and would like to be confident and play for many years to come.
    - Tom T.

  • 2

    I am 63, in good physical condition. Since retiring I am playing more golf. I am noticing that my body is stiff and sore, unable to perform the golf swing properly on a consistent basis. I am wanting to improve my "golf health" so I can enjoy the game I love so much in my retirement! In this process I am also hoping to see an improvement in my game also, by being able to "shorten the golf course" through increased length off the tee.
    - Bill R.

  • 3

    I was looking for an exercise program so I wouldn't be so stiff when playing golf and get a little more distance.
    - Tom P.

  • 4

    I’m a Fireman but other than my job my passion is golf! I’ve had numerous on the job injuries including knee surgery left acl as well as minicus. And two other scope surgeries to get rid of scar tissue. Torn ligaments( three) in my right ankle. Back issues and most recently a broken middle finger on the left hand. I need a program that gets my core stronger for work and golf but also helps with my compensation for all these injuries.
    - Shane B.

  • 5

    I bought this program because, at 80 years old, I don't want to have to lay from the forward tees.
    - Carl A.

  • 6

    I have muscle soreness and pain in my hip and mid back that I would like to manage.
    - Dave D.

  • 7

    69 years old and need 2 things. One is to get back in shape, second try to gain back some of my yardage of the tee.
    - Doug T.

  • 8

    I have lost a little flexibility over the past few months and need to strengthen my core to get the best out of my golf game and generally feel better with less back pain and stiffness.
    - Arie V.

  • 9

    My old body is aging and I want to keep it golf fit for years to come.
    - Mark N.

  • 10

    75 yo and want incentive to get up off my backside and maybe improve my physical being.
    - Bill J.

  • 11

    I'm getting older and want to continue playing golf pain free, while improving my health in general. Hopefully, this will result in better play!
    - Gene H.

  • 12

    I bought this program today because you have identified specific frustrations that I have been dealing with specifically a lack of fluidity in my swing. Additionally, I believe that your professional background will help me with some issues of pain which I have been experiencing. I am looking forward to testing this program.
    - Nick C.

  • 13

    I purchased golf rx so that can regain the flexibility and distance I have lost.
    - Richard C.

  • 14

    I'm 60 years old now and have let myself get into less than desirable shape. Over the years I've had 3 shoulder surgeries and 2 wrist surgeries. I probably should have done more in my rehabilitation process. But alas hindsight is 20/20. Due to my job I only get to play once or twice a week. I'm only about 10 lbs overweight but I'm not in real good shape. I'm just looking for a program that will work for me that will relive some of the aches and pains one accumulates through the years. A program that will help me improve my game and help in everyday life as well.
    - Kenny D.

  • 15

    Strengthen core and increase flexibility.
    - Scott H.

  • 16

    I want to get in better shape and hit my ball like when I was younger.
    - Jim A.

  • 17

    I need help getting in good golfing shape.
    - Earl R.

  • 18

    I bought this program today to hopefully increase my mobility and get some speed back in my swing.
    - Frank L.

  • 19

    Need to do something to enjoy golf even with age related physical abilities.
    - John W.

  • 20

    I am turning 67 and have wanted a program just for golf exercises that would help with turn, core and flexibility and stretching. Wanting more distance and accuracy.
    - Jim S.

  • 21

    Want to increase flexibility and necessary movements to increase swing and clubhead speed.
    - Jeff B.

  • 22

    To improve flexibility and improve my game
    - Jim M.

  • 23

    I’m curious
    - Dan E.

  • 24

    I really need help with my down swing.
    - Randy R.

  • 25

    I’ve always been a solid athlete, but I’m very inflexible and have never been able to score consistently. I want to correct the issues now before I reach my 40’s.
    - Joel B.

  • 26

    I have lost at least three club links in distance over the past few years and I would like to regain them.
    - Thomas P.

  • 27

    Golf season is coming soon.
    - Eric L.

  • 28

    To improve my golf game and my core and flexibility.
    - Howard N.

  • 29

    I bought this program today because I know I need to get in better physical shape. I like the idea of a golf specific exercise program and decided to give this a try.
    - Paul L.

  • 30

    I'm 58 years old and have had both hips replaced in the last few years due to arthritis. My golf game is Ok (I'm a 12 handicap from the white tees), but I have lost a lot of distance since my hip replacements. I feel the pain and stiffness of arthritis in other joints as well. I workout regularly, but I know I have lost a lost of flexibility and swing speed. I am hoping GolfBodyRx can help me get some flexibility back, increase my swing speed, and improve my golf game.
    - Tim H.

  • 31

    To increase my golfing enjoyment. I practice too much with little or no improvement.
    - Gerald C.

I could keep posting these here but these 31 reasons from real customers should be enough to help you make a decision whether this is right for you or not…

However, our suggestion isn’t to decide today...just give the 21-day preview a try right now and then decide for yourself after actually doing the routine.

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